Cleveland 3 way with Orl, Sac for #1

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Cleveland 3 way with Orl, Sac for #1

Cleveland Trades # 1(Wiggins)Jack, Waiter. Gets # 4(Embiid), #8(Randle), Mclemore,Affalo Lineup- PG- Irving, SG- Affalo SF- Maybe LEBRON ( probably Bennett, PF- Randle, C- Embiid. Bench- Mclemore, Thompson, Zeller, Saravev, Cap Space Galore

Orlando Trades # 4,(Embiid) #12(E.Payton) & Affalo. Gets #1 Wiggins, J Jack. Lineup- PG- J Nelson or J Jack, SG - Oladipo, SF- Wiggins. PF-T Harris C- N Vucevicb. Bench- Nicholson,J Jack, moe Harkness, cap space

Sacramento trades #8 (Randle) Mclemore Gets. #12 (E Payton,) Waiters. Lineup. pG- E Payton. SG-D Waiters. SF- Rudy Gay. PF -Thompson or Williams C- Cousins

Draft goes 1. Orlando- wiggins 2. Milwaukee- J . Parker 3. Philly- Exum 4. Cleveland- Embiid 5. Utah- N Vonleh. 6. Boston- A Gordon. 7. Lakers- M Smart. 8. Cleveland - Randle 9. Charlotte- McDermott 10. Philly- A Payne 11. Denver- Gary Harris 12.Sacramento- E Payton 13. Minnesota- N Stauskas. 14. Phoenix- D Saric

I see other trades happening that could shake up the lottery picks from Philly, Boston, lakers, etc.

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