C.J. Watson to opt out of contract, become unrestricted free agent.

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C.J. Watson to opt out of contract, become unrestricted free agent.

It has been reported that C.J. Watson will opt out of his current deal with Brooklyn and become a free agent. Watson signed there for extremely cheap, more than likely thinking that the Nets would have a shot at the NBA Finals. Well, that wasn't the case, and now Watson is going to look for a little bit more of a lucrative offer.

C.J. Watson has done a marvelous job in both Chicago and Brooklyn over the past 2 seasons, and he has undoubtedly been one of the most underrated and under-appreciated guards off of the bench in my recent memory. I think someone will give him a decent offer in free agency, something like 3 years, $12 million dollars to be the back up point guard/6th man off of the bench.

What do you guys think of C.J. Watson's game as a whole? Is he underrated, or overrated? Where do you think that he will end up and why? Let me know what you think!

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As a raps fan

I have a love/hate relationship with CJ Watson. I hate that he has a tendency to burn the Raps almost every time he plays against them, that being said I'd love to see him in a Raptors uniform.

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