CJ Leslie back to 'SF/PF'

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CJ Leslie back to 'SF/PF' the site, he was labeled 'PF' not too long ago.
I guess getting the best combine results in lateral quickness changed things around.

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Not really

Not really , a guy like Harrison Barnes tested out athletically as the best overall last year and he went about as low as people thought he would go at 7th despite shedding the notion that he wasn't that great an athlete. Leslie does have a very solid handle for a 6'9" forward that is why he gets the SF designation by some. It's good enough to translate to the next level I think. Problems are his inconsistent jumper even from midrange along with questionable shot selection and his tendency to sometimes try to go hero ball during games. I remember him against Henson 2 years ago getting his shot blocked over and over because he kept doing the same move without making any adjustments every time after. It's his mental lapses and lack of a high basketball IQ that hurts him more than being a tweener.

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