CJ Leslie-Amare playstyle?

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CJ Leslie-Amare playstyle?

Do you think CJ play somewhat similar to a style that younger Amare Stoudamire played?

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Amare had a man's body when he came into the L right out of high school and was so damn explosive. CJ Leslie has a much weaker body and doesn't attack the rim like a young Amare did. I like CJ as a prospect, but I don't see any similarities between him and Amare other than they are both 6'9'' and very athletic (even though Amare was an elite athlete, while CJ is a very good athlete).

I'd compare CJ to a Julian Wright type player, or maybe a Thad Young.

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could never see that

could never see that comparison, CJ doesnt have the strength or the IQ. Certainly not the motor. CJ needs to develop his perimeter skills, which he has the foundation to do so. Much more raw than Amare was. As a junior, he still is not ready to be an NBA PF.

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I'd compare his play style to

I'd compare his play style to someone who never made it in the NBA.

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