CJ Lesile

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CJ Lesile

Has anyone heard any news on Leslie's workouts? He's dropped to the second on the mock and haven't heard much about him since the draft process started. Just wondering if you guys have have any information on him.

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I know the Nets, Pacers,

I know the Nets, Pacers, Knicks and Suns worked him out, which means he could be a possibility at the end of the 1st.

Josh Newman ( a NJ writer ) tweeted Leslie saying they shut it down, which means he could have a 1st round promise.

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I would love him in a Nets

I would love him in a Nets uniform.

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I know many people on this

I know many people on this site are in love with Leslie, and I love him too, as a college player, but I don't think he's going to transition to the NBA the way people think he will. He's an undersized power forward not only in height but weight. I don't see anyway he can play the three in the NBA on the offensive end. What does he do that someone like Hakeem Warrick doesn't?

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He has no position in the

He has no position in the NBA, his skill and body hasn't improved enough through 3 yrs of college and hes kinda dumb.
Given his lack improvement mentally, physically and skill-wise I question his work ethic and ability to improve.
I wouldn't touch him in the first round. If he pans out, what is he? Travis Outlaw?

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The last thing the Nets need

The last thing the Nets need is an underskilled the forward. Seriously ya'll, the last thing they need. I have him going mid 2nd round. A team like Portland or DC could use his defensive potential and finishing capabilities around the rim.

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