CJ Fair

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CJ Fair

CJ Fair having a strong season so far specially at the maui invitation. He had nice game offenisvely against Baylor with 24 pts & we know got potential on defense. How he would fit in the NBA is he stretch 4, 3, more tweener in the league????

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I like fair, hes a good

I like fair, hes a good player but I deffinetly think he is a 3 in the league not a 4.

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He's definitely a small forward at the next level. He hands down has the best midrange game in college basketball and I would argue that he's held that title for the past season or two. He's so consistent from midrange, shoots a high percentage from three when he does shoot the three ball, and has great athleticism when finishing at the rim. He really needs to work on creating for himself if he wants to take his game to the next level, especially by beating his man off the dribble. But his role at the next level would likely be a strong third option or a lower end second option for a team, so it's not necessary for him. I think he should be in the 10-20 range come draft night. Definitely shouldn't fall into the second round, let alone the 40s.

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As a Cuse fan, I think he'll

As a Cuse fan, I think he'll end up being a late 1st-early 2nd round pick when it's all said and done. He's a great collegiate player, but I don't really see a role for him in the NBA. He isn't laterally quick enough to defend SFs, and is too small to defend PFs. At the same time, he isn't a good enough ball-handler to play on the perimeter, and he doesn't have the post game to play the 4.

We'll see. I kept waiting for him to develop his ball-handling or passing more, but he just isn't a good ball-handler and is a non-existant passer, and I don't think his scoring abilities are good enough to overcome that.

The top NBA prospect on this Cuse team is Jerami Grant IMO.

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