Chuck and the TNT Crew

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Chuck and the TNT Crew

Is it just me or do you wish they were doing this series? I don't think Chuck will be saying" Kwame" Leonard anymore.

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Pretty much a consensus.

Pretty much a consensus.

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I prefer the TNT crew over the ESPN people.

Honestly, I've started tuning out Magic Johnson altogether. I don't see what he's been contributing to the broadcast. He's been wrong on so many predictions now, I don't even pay attention anymore.

Take the Spurs, for example.

vs. Lakers: "The Spurs are gonna be dazzled by the bright lights and celebrities of LA..." Spurs win 4-0.

vs. Warriors: "Spurs are gonna be overwhelmed by the hot hands of the Splash Brothers, Klay and Curry..." Spurs win 4-2.

vs. Grizzlies: "Spurs can't match up with the talented post duo of Z-Bo and Gasol..." Spurs win 4-0.

He's 0-3 so far.

At least we get to hear the occasional GINOBILIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! from Barkley.

i'm jus so offended
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Oh absolutely, especially if

Oh absolutely, especially if Shaq wasn't around

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i just cant take van gundy,

i just cant take van gundy, he's so biased. The same play can happen the exact same way and one time he will say "ooooooo god cmon this is the NBA thats not a foul" then it'll happen again almost exactly the same play and he will follow with "ohhh yeah now thats a good call, great call right there" He's just not cut out to call huge games like the many times have i heard "Charges, i hate charges, its the NBA not college basketball, a charge should very rarely be called" its ludicrous, its basketball, the NBA added the arc so the showtime dunks cant be called for an offensive foul, i think thats awesome but you can't take the offensive foul out of is basketball. I just wish they woulda got the snide steve kerr or reggie miller or even hubie brown. maybe its just me and because of who i root for but idk, its just not professional..........

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Holy crap, I honestly thought

Holy crap, I honestly thought I was the only one who couldn't stand JVG. His commentary is terrible at times.

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A few members of the TNT crew are on nba tv after the game...

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I cannot stand Jalen Rose. He

I cannot stand Jalen Rose. He irks my very soul every time he opens his mouth with an "analysis." The TNT crew minus Shaq would make my after game analys so much more enjoyable and informative. Even throw in a Chris Weber, Tim Legler, Greg Anthony. Anybody but Jalen and Magic.

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