Chronicles of an unsatisfied fan. The Eagles edition; Vol. 2

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Chronicles of an unsatisfied fan. The Eagles edition; Vol. 2

I know I'll catch a lot of heat for this but now that we're 3-6 and the odds of us making the playoffs are seemingly gone.

The only way we can make it is if...

The Giants have a complete meltdown in the 2nd half of the season and the Eagles go undefeated. That is very unlikely considering the fact that the Eagles still need to play the Giants, Patriots and the Jets.

When is it okay to give Vince Young a chance?

His first and only pass resulted in an interception but he's not terrible.

Vince Young's pro record is 30-17.

  • 8-5 in his first year.
  • 9-6 his second year.
  • 1-0 his third year.
  • 2009; after an 0-6 start by Kerry Collins, Vince Young nearly saved the season and went 8-2
  • Last season he went 4-4 with a terrible Titans team with below average defense, no air targets (no receiver over 800s yards.) and Chris Johnson had a bad year with about 1,300 rushing yards.

I'm not saying that he's better than Vick, because he obviously isn't... but when is it going to be okay to give him a chance? He's a lot more talented than people think.

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They really need a new

They really need a new coach..With that much talent on both sides of the ball,their record should be better..They've lost alot of close games,that they could've won...Even though Vick was out earlier this year..In the past Vince Young has shown he's more than capable of leading a team to victories...He's not the most talented QB,but he's like a poor man's Peyton Manning, he knows how to manage a team to a win..But he hasnt been given the chance..

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