Christmas Day Jerseys

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Christmas Day Jerseys

Who has the best uniforms this year?

I really like the Nuggets black with the yellow outline. I think the NBA did a horrible job of having 3 teams with all red uniforms this year, they could have did something a little different like giving the Heat a Fire yellow look. Houston has the worst uniforms out of all the teams this year.

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My Thoughts

The Knicks all orange one was hideous, I bet Melo felt like he was back at Syracuse with all that orange. The Celtics one was alright, but still not that great. The Brooklyn one was the only one that I could see being used as an alternate on a regular basis, I really liked theirs. If I didn't know any better I'd bet Morgan Freeman designed those All-White Laker jerseys, didn't like the dark blue lining on those. The Thunder ones were pretty bad, too much blue, you couldn't read the names or numbers, the Heat ones were pretty decent, I actually liked those. Too much red for the Bulls and Clippers, those would've looked better had they had hte white lining the Heat ones had. I don't like the gray on the Rockets jerseys, and the Grizz ones look pretty slick but I would've liked for the print to be in a different color, although that would defeat the purpose of the one color uniforms.

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don't know if it's just in the UK...

...but the overplaying of that advert with the balls bouncing is killing me. I'm watching NBATV online, and it's on 10 times a frickin' quarter. literally. it's horrible.

and houston's grey is disgusting

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They were all pretty bad

They were all pretty bad

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They all look like practice

They all look like practice jerseys if you ask me

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Yes all the uni color jerseys

Yes all the uni color jerseys looked really bad and the thunder ones were incredibly ugly. I really think the Thunder have the worst jersey collection in the league and I'm pretty excited that they had two alternate jerseys this year for the first time but the navy blue one with the vertical Thunder letters is okay at best but this christmas jersey is a horrible job, don't know why the nba thinks houston, new york, okc and the lakers all need the same boring design?

I have a bunch of alternate 2k13 Thunder jerseys who look 10 times better even if some are too much of an even more Sonics version.

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