Chris Thomas

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Chris Thomas

I am just curious why he commited to Manhatten, I mean everyone has thier reasons but why Manhatten? This guy has the ability to have a future in the NBA and it just dosnt make any sence to me why he chose Manhatten. I understand theres a trend of high level guys going to mid-major schools(tony mitchell-north texas, karviar shepard-tcu) and then guys like ricky ledo and bobby portis going to a school lesser than thier calibur but I can somewhat understand that because of the home state factor. But chris thomas is from colorado and if i recall he has some pretty nice offers(arizona,colorado...) i just dont understand why he would choose manhatten. On most days he was better than Ricky ledo when they played together @ south kent and in practice he would destroy ricky. Just curious on why he chose Manhatten

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Another weird choice in a

Another weird choice in a series of weird choices for this kid.

To give Manhattan some credit though, their coach was Pitino's top recruiter before he left, so he can get things done.

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He choose Manhattan because

He choose Manhattan because of Rasheen Davis who is now assistant coach at Manhattan,They have known eachother for years. He committed to Xavier when coach Davis was there. So it's basically the relationship connection

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