Chris Paul back to New Orleans in 2013

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Chris Paul back to New Orleans in 2013

After not signing the Clippers offered extension, worth a total 60million dollars over 3years, would it be ridiculous to think Chris Paul isnt totally sold on the long term situation with Los Angeles.

Blake Griffin hasnt shown thus far that he is a big man that can be the linchpin to a Championship. Although extremely explosive and skilled offensively, Blake leaves alot to be desired on the defensive end (and we all know where titles are won). The rest of the team, in my opinion, is irrelevant; a roster full of injury riddled, past prime players.

Based off his terrible game management in key situations, Vinny Del Negro is noticeably one of the worst coaches in the league. Its common knowledge throughout the league that Donald Sterling is a cheap racist dickhead.

Chris Paul to New Orleans to me sounds like a great story waiting to happen. CP3 was a proud Hornet in there most trying times after Hurricane Katrina and I truely believe if he could've got some legitimate help in N.O. he would have never left.

With the drafting of ANTHONY DAVIS, I believe New Orleans could be the next team to have a fast rise to Championship contention ala OKC. His defensive potential alone might be enough to guide the Hornets to the Finals and I can definitely envision Davis developing into a player reminiscent of both Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett in certain aspects of his game.

Long story short Chris Paul going back to New Orleans to team with Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon seems like the best situation for CP3 to win a NBA title and definitely sounds plausible. With the development of Ryan Anderson, Austin Rivers, Aminu, and Monty Williams coaching I think the Hornets could be playoff bound (with or without Paul) in the next 2 years.

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I doubt he would go back to

I doubt he would go back to New Orleans and I agree he wants to see the Clippers improve(this is a big year). But there is a reason he didn't take the extension. That was the most he could be offered under the new CBS in an extension. If he doesn't sign, he can get a max offer this summer with 2 extra years and 40 mil more. It has less to do with the Clippers and more to do with money.

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Ollie is more than deserving

Ollie is more than deserving of the opportunity to take over for Calhoun. What he lacks in coaching experience, he more than makes up for in playing experience and understanding of the game. As a man of integrity who exemplifies the great things that can come as a result of working hard, he possesses qualities that would serve the Huskies program well as they look to replace a legend.

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In the NBA, the offseason is

In the NBA, the offseason is very often a time of change. Most teams keep their core together, making tweaks here and there. Some teams make huge, roster-shattering trades. Few teams, however, make the sweeping changes that we’ve seen from the Houston Rockets heading into the 2012-13 NBA season. One of the few returning Rockets is forward Patrick Patterson, and he tells HOOPSWORLD that getting names and faces down has been a challenge from the start of training camp.

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