Chris McCullough

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Chris McCullough

Syracuse really got a tremendous talent in this hooper. 6'9 with 7'3 wingspan.Runs like a deer and jumps his feet are on fire.He killed it at the National prep showcase.Mind you some players are 19 and 20 at prep school. McCullough is just 17 and won't be 18 til next year.Espn scout Dave Telep said they will probably bump him up to top 10 in 2014.I say by end of 2013 summer he is in most peoples top 5 because he is that good.It's just a matter of him putting it all together and playing hard always because it's so easy for him.What's scary is he is becoming more of a wing forward,their are not to many wings with that size even in the league.'Cuse fans should be pumped up. Here is some footage of what went down this weekend at the NPS

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Dat neck. Looks like he's

Dat neck.

Looks like he's filling out his (low set) shoulders though. He's definitely bigger than last year.

I'm still not sure what he's trying to be though. Does he still want to be a SF? Stretch 4?

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Put him on the block, with

Put him on the block, with his physical traits he would be a great rim defender

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