Chris Collins New Head Coach at Northwestern

Local Chicago scribes are reporting that Chris Collins (current Duke Assistant) is the new head coach at Northwestern. The timing is interesting given Duke is still alive and Collins was not on the fringe of taking any other jobs. And, what is the rush? Unless Northwestern softens their academic standards, they are not doing anything anytime soon in the Big Ten. They also need a new arena and practice facilities.

Curious to see if his dad joins him on the bench as his days are numbered in Philly.

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He was probably ready for his

He was probably ready for his chance after getting passed over for the Illinois job

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Assistant at Duke

Agree 100%. He has been on Coach K's bench for 12-13 years. Given, the Duke Assistant Head coaching track record has been less than impressive, it was time for Collins to make this move. Plus, he went to school and grew up in the Chicago area, so hopefully can keep some talent in state. Has never been a head coach at any level, which has to be shored up with veterans on his bench with him.

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