Chris Bosh will impress this season

He looked great out there yesterday, impressed me even more than Lebron. He was fast, looked more ripped, his jumpshot was clean and he was hitting 3's as if he was Ray Allen. He has been working on that 3 for a while now and at the end of last year he got it going and now he looks like a legit 3 point shooter. Great new weapon for him. Can't wait for him to take a bigger role next season, he's a great talent and a very likeable guy.

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Bosh is and has been the

Bosh is and has been the Heat's most important player. He's not their best or 2nd best talent, but him in the paint is what legitimizes that trio. The Heat could be a great team with Wade and Bosh with no Lebron, or with Lebron and Bosh with no Wade...but the big 2 have to play out of their minds to play without Bosh's play in the paint. I expect him to go on a tear this season, as playing the 5 will help his stats offensively.

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He is extremely important to

He is extremely important to that team but now I'm afraid of how good they're going to make Bosh in NBA 2K13. In 2K12 he was one of the more overrated players, though not as bad as JR Smith.

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