Choosing between young guys.

If you had to pick between these guys, to play the specific position they are listed at, who would you go with and why?

Kemba Walker
Eric Bledsoe

Eric Gordon
Tyreke Evans

Gordon Hayward
Tobias Harris

Kenneth Faried
Tristan Thompson

Nikola Vucevic
Jonas Valanciunas

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PG: Kemba. I'm a Bledsoe fan

PG: Kemba. I'm a Bledsoe fan but I worry people overrate his play making ability and he needs to work on that pull-up. Kemba competes with the best of them.

SG: Eric Gordon and if healthy it's not even close. Tyreke's rookie stats proved to be hollow and he is too much of a ball stopper. Eric Gordon was having an all-star caliber year with the Clippers before hurting his wrist. GordoSFn plays solid defense and can space the floor and doesn't need the ball to be effective.

SF: Tobias. Stronger and much better rebounder. I consider Tobias a 3-4 so it's hard to compare.

PF: Kenneth Faried. This one is also not very close. TTs upside is overrated and Faried has proven more so far on the court.

C: Vuvevic, only since I've seen more production from him so far but Jonas has higher upside.

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Thompson is better than

Thompson is better than Faried. They're both energy guys and both project to be that going forward, but Thompson is better defensively. I was also more impressed by the improvement out of Thompson more than I've seen out of Faried. I was skeptical about him switching hands but he looked really good and more confident. He's not rushing his shots for fear of being put on the line and he even stuck some mid-range jumpers which never would've happened before. I'm much higher on Thompson's prospects going forward.
For better or worse, the Nugs plan on playing a more conventional, less gimmicky style. Which means less running and more halfcourt. That doesn't play to Faried's strengths and probably has something to do with him being shopped around.

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Ill do one.. PG: Kemba -

Ill do one..

PG: Kemba - Bledsoe is exciting and unknown but Kemba is awesome. If he played in LA, he would be touted as the next great PG.

SG: Tyreke - I love Gordon's ability but I'm not sold that he will ever be healthy. Evans is a creator and while he does stop the ball, he can create when he does. If Gordon had been even a little more healthy, it would be a no brainer.

SF: Hayward - Tobias had a big year but idk if he will repeat that. Gordon can do everything on the court. He doesn't have the best outside shot but he creates very well and is a scrappy defender. Point forward type players work everywhere.

PF: Thompson - While he isn't the rebounder Faried is, he blocks shots much better and can score a little bit the his back to the basket.

C: Nikola - He can do a lot more than people realise. He has a decent jumper and is just a beast on the glass.

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I can see Thompson becoming

I can see Thompson becoming the elite offensive rebounder in the NBA this year. was close last season.

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PG: Eric Bledsoe - He will

Eric Bledsoe - He will have a breakout year for the Suns. Explosive guard in the mold of a Rose/Westbrook type.

Eric Gordon - When healthy, he's a top 5 shooting guard.

Tobias Harris - Tobias showed he can be a first option for many teams once he fully develops.

Tristan Thompson - This is a close one, but I'll take Thompson because aside from being a good rebounder, he has a strong work ethic and now, has a developing mid range game.

Jonas Valanciunas - From what I've seen these past few weeks, Valanciunas could be poised for a breakout year.

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1.Kemba Walker

1.Kemba Walker might be the most Underrated starting point guard in the nba...Not an elite pg,but underrated a defender,quick hands and his passing is getting better......

2.Tyreke Evans ,becuz Eric Gordon is too injury prone...

3.Gordon Hayward,if he plays against everyone else in the nba,the way he plays against Kobe,he would be an all star....

4.TOSSUP..Personally im not a fan of neither guy..But i'll give Thompson the slight edge....People are always comparing Faried to Ben Wallace,but Big Ben was known for his defense,Faried only pretends to play defense...

5.Right now Im going with Vucevic,but JV has the most upside...

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Bledsoe: More

Bledsoe: More athleticism/better defender. More upside.

Evans: More athletic with better size, variety, and a higher ceiling. Eric Gordon can only score...

Harris: He has better size and seemingly higher ceiling,

Faried: This one was not even close...

Valanciunas: He has more upside, and can score and defend better then Vucevic.

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1.Kemba Walker: Significantly

1.Kemba Walker: Significantly better offensively. Can shoot and handle the ball better.

2. If healthy, Eric Gordon is better, but Tyreke is the safer bet. I would probably take Tyreke, as there is no guarantee Gordon gets back to his Clippers' form.

3. Very close, but Gordon Hayward is the more proven player. Tobias Harris has tremendous scoring instincts, but he doesn't yet have the efficiency or all-around game of Hayward.

4. I'll take Faried. Thompson may be a better defender, but Faried's athleticism gives him an edge on offense, where he is more efficient.

5. I'd take Valanciunas. He may not be the better player right now, but he should be in the future. He has more upside as a post scorer and should improve as a defender.

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1. Kemba- Was playing like a

1. Kemba- Was playing like a beast at the end of last year. Bledsoe is the better athlete but Walker is the better basketball player.

2. Gordon- I like my 2 guards to be able to shoot the ball from deep....despite the injury problems I still go with Gordon.

3. Hayward- I think Harris is better suited at the 4 using his quickness against slower defenders like many SF's but Hayward is more of a pure 3 who can do a bit of everything.

4. Faried- They are similar players and while Thompson brings more in terms of protecting the basket I just love Faried's non stop energy. Thompson might have the higher ceiling but if we are talking about right now I want the Manimal.

5. Vucevic- This is based mostly on the fact that I have seen a lot more of Vucevic compared to Jonas. I am a Sixers fan and really liked what I saw from his as a rookie and wasn't surprised he broke out in Orlando. Jonas is more of a traditional center but their aren't many guys as skilled as Vucevic at the center position in the league today.

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