The Chief or 2much 4u??

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The Chief or 2much 4u??

Who do yu guys think will have a better rookie campaign and or career? PAUL GEORGE OR AL-FAROUQ AMINU
Paul George being the high offensive skilled guy who can shoot and Aminu being the defensive,hustle and supposedly high motor athlete
Both are high potentail guys w/ a ton physical gifts..

I'm torn between tha two because I wus high on al farouq in his college days until I saw paul george and started to steer more towards him for the clippers during the countdown to tha draft but I'm satisfied with AFA..

Lookout for paul george in indiana..

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Paul George. Better

Paul George. Better Game.
He's gonna play more of the 2 this season and he'll put up solid numbers.
Al-Farouq will back up Gomes, so I think there gonna split minutes.

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old school coaches like

old school coaches like o'brien dont believe in giving major minutes to rookies george has to play behind granger,dunleavy & rush...he's going to really prove himself in training camp and the preseason ....

aminu might be a starter from day 1....becuz the clippers really have no depth at small forward

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