Chicago Bulls Offseason

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Chicago Bulls Offseason

I just wanna know everybody's opinion on what the Bulls are gonna do this offseason. What's going to happen to Tom Thibodeau ? Its a lot of rumors surfacing around saying he's saying teams wanna interview him. Charles Barkley blasted them recently for not saying anything about it.

Will Derrick Rose return back to All-star or MVP form after missing basically 2 seasons ?

Will the bulls trade their picks to move up in this years draft to get a top tier talent ? Will they trade for a star player to play alongside Rose or will they keep they picks ?

Will Garpax make another trade with one of the core players ? I'm asking this because I remember they fired Ron Adams who was very close to Thibodeau and they also traded Deng one of Thibodeau favorite players when they should of got rid of Boozer.

Its a lot of questions surrounding the Bulls but I think if they don't make some changes to their current roster than they will be stuck in basketball ball hell for a few years.

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