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Check the Archives

Just a suggestion, but it might be a good thing to check the Archives before starting a similar or repeated topic.


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i've noticed that this is really getting on your nerves. it gets on mine too. i swear if we get 13 or 14 more Austin Daye topics or NBA Draft comparison topics i'm gonna assassinate Blake Griffin.

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Dang man. Im so glad that

Dang man. Im so glad that before i start a new thread i have to look through 50 pages of threads just so i dont repeat one. And since opinions never change and new users never join, i will just read what was said last year about BJ Mullens and just go with that. Sound good?? If it bothers you that bad, just keep &$#%#[email protected]!in and see who listens.

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yeah man

do you even know how much forum topics are here? and do you seriously think people are going to go on every page to check if there was a forum about a specific topic already? NO ofcourse not. even if users use that search feature for previous topics, they'd have to go through a bunch of forums, i just searched bj mullens and there's like 13 pages for him. a topic here lasts for only 2 days and people don't bother to reply anymore. those guys starting their own topics are just looking for opinions from other users. why post on a dead forum when you can start your own and have a decent debate with other posters?

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