the cheap guys

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the cheap guys

When teams like the Nets, and Knicks give out huge contracts, and are forced to fill their team with low money money players these are the players i think can make a solid impact.

Maurice Evans
Tony Allen
Brian Scalibrine (just kidding)
Brad Miller
Will Bynum
Joel Anthony
Sasha Pavlovic
Patrick Mills
Ian Mahinmi

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Maurice Evans--- Agree with him. Good energy, defense.
Tony Allen---- Decent 7th man
Brian Scalibrine (just kidding)----B-Scab!!!
Brad Miller---- He's done.
Will Bynum----Probably will get a good bit of change on his contract. Solid year.
Joel Anthony----- Undersized, but hustles on the boards.
Sasha Pavlovic------ Too injured, too often. Decent athlete, 'meh' shooter- but what else?
Patrick Mills-------- We don't know yet. Been injured off and on for past year.
Ian Mahinmi--------HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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