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Chase Budinger

Hello everyone. First time poster, long time user. I'm a big fan of this website, but I have some criticism here, particularly on the Chase Budinger page. One of my favorite parts of this site are the "NBA comparisons" on each player page; however, I am very annoyed that Budinger is being compared to Grant Hill as only the 9th overall pick in the 2009 draft. Let's be frank here: Grant Hill was arguably the greatest small forward to ever play the game of basketball. In the 1990s he was the complete player. He dominated college on both ends of the floor and pretty much single handedly carried the Pistons while he played for them.

I would like a clarification as to how a projected no.9 pick in the 2009 draft, who has underachieved his entire college career, could be compared to such a rare NBA talent as Grant Hill. This is not only an insult to Grant Hill, but to the users of this website who are younger, and don't know how dominant Hill was before all the injuries. I'm assuming that this site is comparing Budinger to the Grant Hill of 2007-2008? If so, the collective brain trust of this website, when making NBA comparisons, might want to take it a little further and specify which period of a player's career they are being compared to. Or, better yet, this site should be a little bit more responsible with their comparisons as a whole, as I know many, many people who frequent it and love it (myself included).

Hopefully this situation can be rectified, or better yet, explained to me why a guy projected to be drafted 9th overall is being compared to a hall of famer who was literally unstoppable during the prime of his career- Because when I see Chase Budinger, I do not understand why someone would compare him to Grant Hill. I mean, maybe he has flashes of Grant Hill in his game, but let's be honest, he's no Grant Hill. If he was, he would be a top three pick coming out of the draft.

PS- If you respond by saying Budinger could very well be a top 3 pick by the time the 2009 draft comes around, then we can return to this thread exactly one year from now to see where he was selected.

PPS- Since this is my first post, I hope that this website records total posts, to separate the regulars from the newbies. If not, that's another thing that needs to be updated around here, as a community is much harder to form when total posts are not recorded for others to see. Besides, how are we supposed to know if a guy knows what he's talking about if we can't go into his archives and see what his opinions were 1-2 seasons ago? Simply everything people post, with no frame of reference to work from, can not be disputed or understood with an archive to see if that person knows what they're talking about. Again, since this is my first post, this may already be in place, so if it is, I apologize. Great site!

PPPS- After previewing my post for errors, I noticed all my paragraph breaks have been removed. Why? It makes it so much harder to hold a discussion and to read my lengthy post. Why make it more difficult for others to read? Why promote bad grammer and bad writing with no paragraph separation? This needs to be changed. I realize this is a public forum, so obviously, there will be a lot of riff raff around here, but come on, at least give us paragraph breaks. Do you really want to alienate all the intelligent users from this forum? Not a good idea IMO. Edit: Chase Budinger might be a more athletic Dan Majerle. Both can stroke the three and dunk it pretty hard. Besides, isn't Budinger a pure shooting guard? Grant Hill is a small forward.

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is softer than tissue paper. He better hope Jennings gets there or he'll be exposed even more. The Arizona program has been on the ropes ever since the 2001 loss to Duke.

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Paragraph breaks

Thanks for the heads up on the paragraph break issue.  It's fixed now!

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I agree, Hill is ten times better then Budinger will ever be. Their not even the same really skillwise or playing wise.

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you should go into the

you should go into the archives and call out some of the people who swore up and down to me chase was gonna start this year and put up all kinds of numbers..thats why i say stop pumping a guy up because of the preseason and the summer leauges..

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