Charlotte Interested in Trading Down in the DRAFT

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Charlotte Interested in Trading Down in the DRAFT

Sources say the Charlotte Bobcats who can finish no worst then 5th,are looking to trade down in the draft....Reports say they are targeting a point guard Dennis Schoeder or Micheal Carter Williams...

CHICAGO: NBA draft: Are Charlotte Bobcats looking to trade back? | Charlotte Bobcats | via @twitterapi

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Good for them

With no real franchise-changing talent, the Bobcats should be trying to accumulate as much talent as possible. If they can get an extra asset or two for moving down 5-10 places then the should do it. The real question is who wants to move up (rumors of blazers and pistons desire for Oladipo already circling) and what are they willing to give up?

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To be honest, I'd much rather try and trade down for multiple picks, and get Cody Zeller or MCW.

The Hornets, I mean, Bobcats have no big-men that are decent offensive threats. Biyombo has defensive potential, but is quite raw offensively. Mullens has the potential to be an offensive threat, but he needs to stop trying to launch 3s and stick to his mid-range game.

Zeller has the skill and athletic ability to be the offensive big man the Bobcats truly need. I'd trade to get him and possibly try and get some more picks later in the draft.

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Why trade down if they desire a PG

Why not take Burke 5th

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A couple thoughts: If it's

A couple thoughts:

If it's truly for a PG, I'd have to think they want MCW, because having Schroder/Burke and Kemba as your starting backcourt would be worse size wise than the Bucks had this year lol.

Perhaps they're approaching it kind of like an NFL draft. Burke might be a little better right now than the other PGs, but if they can move down, pick up an extra pick, and still draft a PG that could end up being better, why not?

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MCW provides a lot of lineup flexibility. If you're a coach with a PG that can score, why not pair up the 6'6 MCW who is a PG who can pass? On paper, it might be better to pair MCW alongside Kemba, Kyrie, Wall, Lillard, Holiday, or Westbrook since those are all guards who can score at will. It's better to pair a passer with a scorer instead of having two scorers, with no one to facilitate offenses with the bigs.

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in MJ we trust, lol.

in MJ we trust, lol.

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Let me come at this with this

Let me come at this with this caveat, they are among the worst in the league both defensively and offensively being bottom five in the league in just about everything you can imagine It is in a terrible spot because of the overwhelming holes in the games of the players they have invested the most in. The problem is the imperfections at the top of this draft. Nerlens Noel is an undersized shot blocker without a great deal of polish and ability to the rest of his game. Well, they already drafted Biyombo. They went with the "intangibles" pick twice with Kidd-Gilchrist and Walker. Neither are good shooters or particularly big which makes it near possible to build around, but it is still going to be really difficult to look at Trey Burke or Otto Porter and think the difference between Kidd-Gilchrist and Otto Porter or Kemba Walker and Trey Burke is the difference between whether they are on the right path in rebuilding or not. While less invested in Gerald Henderson and Ben Gordon, the same can be said of the difference between those two and Ben McLemore. In an ideal world, there would be a true big man to take. The guy is not there. While they need help all over, the most glaring deficiency is up front. Tyrus Thomas, while never that good, apparently decided to stop playing basketball entirely. In Josh McRoberts (UFA), Jeff Adrien (option), Byron Mullens (RFA), Brendan Haywood, Bismack Biyombo, and DeSagana Diop (UFA), they do not have a single guy who should be playing 30 minutes per game in the NBA. When the News Observer states that they are interviewing Mason Plumlee and Kelly Olynyk, it makes some sense. It certainly would not be ideal, but at least they see that they need help there. It costs nothing to inquire about what else they can get for moving back.

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I would love for Charlotte to

I would love for Charlotte to trade down for Shabazz, it would make a lot more sense than taking another PG when they already have Walker in the fold (and I'm not sold on Schroder or MCW being better).

Although, BTPH is right in saying that they have a definite need for a big man, I just don't think Plumlee or Olynyk will be worth a damn in the NBA.

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The Bobcats have to look into

The Bobcats have to look into big men, and while I am not enamored with frontcourt prospects who aren't NBA big, they have to look at what is out there. It is all I meant. It could be worse. The report could have been that they want to start negotiations with Josh McRoberts or Byron Mullens. It is possible when looking at a trade that a team can target a player and offer up a big man they can use. Just to spitball, with Martell Webster being a free agent, it could be theoretically possible Washington would consider dealing up to picks 2-4 to get Otto Porter and are willing to package their pick and Kevin Seraphin. He is not great by any means, but the Bobcats can at least use him and not be embarassed. Could Minnesota look at Ben McLemore and figure Derrick Williams is the cost of getting him? They have to cover all their bases, because they cannot even start to move forward as a team until they assemble something close to a competent frontcourt.

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Why not improve by trading with the Suns? Bobcats get Gortat and Scola 30th pick for their pick and filler to make it work.

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to the wizards

Kelly olynk sounds like a MJ pick. I do hope those wizards get in this discussion. If the draft order stays the same that is. The zards can give there pick plus nene and vessley. The wizards can get noelle or Otto. Im sure the wizards would give their 2nd rounder to, win-win situation.

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And here I thought that Kemba

And here I thought that Kemba Walker was their best player last year.

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Cody Zeller might be the most

Cody Zeller might be the most NBA ready big in the draft and so I my mind would be a decent pick for Charlotte but I don't see him being a top 3 guy if they stay in one of those draft lottery spots so they could trade down to take him perhaps.

I'd not really worry about trade down or up rumours near the top of the lottery as until we finally know who picks where, who has what to trade no real deals can be done.

Personally if I think Charlotte need to target Ben McLemore as he'd perhaps give them the backcourt shooter they need as they could perhaps target a FA PF this summer.

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If I was them, I'd just take

If I was them, I'd just take Noel (assuming you get the #1 pick, or he falls to you)

Before his injury, he was the obvious #1 pick, just hope his rehab goes well...and can return to the player he was before

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If this is true then the Cat's must be trying to pick up another

2014 pick. They have the Pistons 2014 pick top 8 protected and top 1 protected in 2015. The Pistons should finish above top 8 next year pre-lottery. The BobCats 2014 pick is up in the air to the Bulls but I'm pretty sure they will finish in the top 10, so that won't be an issue.

If they move back in the first this year, they probably want a first or two this year and at least a protected pick next year. They may also force a team to take Tyrus Thomas contract. It was rumored that was what they wanted Cleveland to take it to move from 4 to 2 last year. I don't see how that happens because its atrocious, I believe 8 million next year and 9 million in 2015. Only another bad team with lots of cap could absorb that contract. Besides a lot of teams are talking about trading back so it won't be as lucrative as everyone thinks. They could amnesty him but they're to cheap.

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I don't blame the Bobcats for

I don't blame the Bobcats for thinking about trading down particularly if Nerlens Noel and Ben McLemore aren't available by the time they select. I'd think the Bobcats would be paying serious attention to Alex Len and Cody Zeller because unlike their current big men, these two can score and could be key pieces in the franchises future.

Draft Lottery Tuesday will help clear some things up.

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Is it a good thing for the bobcats to trade down? I literally just got told on this site that it's quality over quantity. Anyone who is potentially in te lottery next year won't give up there pick. So that's out of the question, maybe a mid-late first rounder in a top heavy draft. And if they stick at number two they will have a great opportunity to get Noel, or McLmore which are both needs for this team, and shooter or a big.

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Sam Presti just seems to

Sam Presti just seems to always have all the right pieces at the right time.

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Except for the whole trading

Except for the whole trading Jeff Green for Perkins and trading Harden for Kevin Martin thing...

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if they can parlay their pick

if they can parlay their pick into two mid-round first picks-maybe one being in the late lottery- and another second rounder, then I would pull the trigger. It would be an absolute coup if they traded down and Bennett slipped to him. A small possibility, but that would help them get some pop at the 4 and they could still invest in a guard if that's what they truly want to do.

Getting a PG is a bit silly considering the glaring weaknesses elsewhere, but if they have faith in Schroeder then they should think about dealing Kemba for an established leader veteran which is what is truly missing from this squad. (Gordon doesn't count as he may be the most immature Bobcat). I would think about targeting KCP, having Henderson come off the bench.

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That would be a good move by

That would be a good move by Bobcats since the talent is close in this draft they should get young assets just the way Orlando did.

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