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charley rosen...

well well... I wanted to bing this several months ago but let's do it right now cause I can't stand anymore. I don't want to criticize without arguing so I gonna try to do it the best I can (sorry for my poor english).

I just read this Charley Rosen "article" (...?) on hoopshype and I'm astonished.
How a man who has been a coach (assistant from Phil Jackson in another life) and an english teacher can produce this poor stuff ? He's supposed to have GOOD/GREAT bball IQ and some writing skills ? I'm neither a journalist nor a former pro player or coach but, come on, this "article" is awfull. And that's not the first time Charley Rosen produce a poor thing like that.

I don't mind being confronted to different or opposite opinion than mine (it's usually enriching) or even marginal way of thinking, but it has to be well argued to keep being interesting. This article brings nothing except a non argued point of view with personal opinions (some are very very questionable from a bball point of view).

Moreover and maybe the worst thing, there is absolutely no links from an idea to another no angle or basic idea developped through the article. Just a "good / bad" which is even not complete !

It really seems like the man write this sh*t in 5 min, at the last time... I don't "hate" (overused word) this man but what a shame to let something like that published in a well known bball website.

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Just read the article. Sounds

Just read the article. Sounds full of hate and looks like written in 5 mins. Regardless, there are some undeniable facts in it. It's poor written but ultimately sounds accurate. KG and The Truth will not make Brooklyn title contenders as much as I like them both, but AK47 is a pure steal for 3.18 mills a year and he'll provide defensive presense for Nets they'll desperedly need. Howard will elevate Rockets to the next level and Josh Smith as much as a stat sheet filler he is will not make Detroit much much better team although I beleive they can sneak in the playoffs. I agree with everything he said of Andrea Bargnani it's just his poor language what makes the article unpleasant.

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