Channing Frye

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Channing Frye

I am a fan of Frye and think he can make an impact on a team. Would actually really like to see him with the Bulls if the Suns don't want to keep him. I would rather have him over the rookie from Florida, but the Bulls will probably go on the cheap and keep the rookie instead.

Good luck Channing!

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I'm a Suns fan and actually

I'm a Suns fan and actually watched Channing when he was in high school at nearby St Mary's, but I know at this point in his career he's only a spot up shooter, and might as well be allergic to the paint. Hope he can come back healthy and Suns can get some value for him.

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I remember he had a lot of

I remember he had a lot of potential when he first entered the league, then after the injury (acl injury?) its like he changed his game strictly least when he was younger he could venture in the paint and go outside...

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