Changing the Draft Order

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Changing the Draft Order

So I had the idea of what if the 1st overall pick went to (assuming lottery odds play out properly) the team with the most wins that didn't make the playoffs. I know some might think it's ridiculous but it would greatly improve the league.

The order would go (in terms of placement in league)

17th record - 30th record, 16th record - 1st record

Tanking is gone
There would be no excuse for losing games. People hate seeing their team go 2-80 or whatever but there would be no excuse for failure because you gain more by winning. You'll either end up in 9th or go to far and get 8th both of which are good in this system. Nowadays too many teams want to be bad.

Tim Duncan and Derrick Rose
Remember how Tim Duncan was 1st overall picked by an excellent spurs team that just had injury problems. The Bulls got Rose despite just missing the playoffs. Those teams became contenders.

Teams become go from pretty much an 8th seed to contenders or near contenders if the 1st overall pick goes to them. Lets say the Cavs finish 9th but they get Andrew Wiggins they'll be able to fight Miami on good grounds. That would be great for the league instead of seeing a bottom feeder team become slightly better they see a decent team become contenders.

Smart GMing
This will also encourage GMs to work on building teams without relying on draft picks. This will gain their skills and there newly drafted 1st overall won't be running to Miami or LA because the GM is incompetent.

Saving Careers
Usually its the lower lottery guys who get screwed. The post lottery guys would most likely always be role players but this way lower lottery guys get the chance to proove themselves when they play for the worst team in the league. The high lottery picks always get a chance so they don't need to worry that their on new contenders.

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