Chad Ford Mock Draft 5.0

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Chad Ford Mock Draft 5.0

Can somebody with insider post the Chad Ford Mock Draft 5.0 + analysis by copy and paste

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couldn't get teams in too, hope this helps

1 Blake Griffin
6'10" PF, Oklahoma

2 Hasheem Thabeet
7'3" C, Connecticut

3 Ricky Rubio
6'4" PG, Spain

4 Jrue Holiday
6'4" PG, UCLA

5 James Harden
6'5" SG, Arizona State

6 Tyreke Evans
6'5" SG, Memphis

7 Jonny Flynn
6'1" PG, Syracuse

8 Stephen Curry
6'3" PG, Davidson

9 DeMar DeRozan
6'6" SG, USC

10 Jordan Hill
6'10" PF, Arizona

11 DeJuan Blair
6'7" PF, Pittsburgh

12 Gerald Henderson
6'5" SG, Duke

13 Austin Daye
6'11" SF, Gonzaga

14 Brandon Jennings
6'2" PG, Italy

15 Earl Clark
6'10" SF, Louisville

16 James Johnson
6'8" PF, Wake Forest

17 Eric Maynor
6'3" PG, VA Commonwealth

18 B. J. Mullens
7'1" C, Ohio State

19 Chase Budinger
6'7" SG, Arizona

20 Tyler Hansbrough
6'10" PF, North Carolina

21 Chase Budinger
6'7" SG, Arizona

22 Terrence Williams
6'6" SG, Louisville

23 Omri Casspi
6'9" SF, Israel

24 Ty Lawson
6'1" PG, North Carolina

25 Gani Lawal
6'9" PF, Georgia Tech

26 Chase Budinger
6'7" SG, Arizona

27 Sam Young
6'7" SF, Pittsburgh

28 Darren Collison
6'2" PG, UCLA

29 Toney Douglas
6'2" SG, Florida State

30 DeMarre Carroll
6'8" PF, Missouri

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Does Ford really have

Does Ford really have budinger drafted in 3 different spots?

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and lawal drafted after he

and lawal drafted after he said he was going back to school?

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1.L.A. Clippers Blake

1.L.A. Clippers
Blake Griffin
Analysis: For the past several years, we've been blessed with at least a little suspense when it comes to who will be the No. 1 pick. Not this year. Griffin is going to be a Clipper. Sources around the league say that trade talks with the Clippers are virtually nonexistent when it comes to Griffin. Instead the Clippers are focusing on finding a new home for Chris Kaman or Zach Randolph.

2. Memphis
Hasheem Thabeet
Analysis: The Grizzlies' situation continues to be an enigma.

They are talking to a number of teams about a potential trade, and the Kings, Wizards, Knicks, Rockets and Celtics have shown interest in moving up to No. 2.

At the same time, the Grizzlies continue to publicly pursue Ricky Rubio, although a well-placed source in the point guard's camp said it's likely (though not definite) that Rubio will skip Memphis when he goes on a three-city U.S. tour next week. And there have been rumblings that Tyreke Evans is in the mix in Memphis.

But when the dust clears, it looks as though the most likely scenario has Thabeet in Memphis on draft night, if the Grizzlies keep the pick. If they move down, add Jordan Hill to the players who would be under consideration.

3.Oklahoma City

Ricky Rubio
Analysis: The Thunder have been their typical quiet selves. GM Sam Presti has told a number of agents that he is interested in their players, but it has been difficult to ascertain the direction the team is leaning.

We continue to hear that the Thunder have expressed interest in Rubio, Thabeet, James Harden, Jordan Hill and Stephen Curry.

Rubio likely will make a visit to OKC some time before the draft, but major questions exist about how he would fit there. The team sees Russell Westbrook as its point guard of the future and isn't sure how he would fare without the ball in his hands.

Maybe more importantly, Presti is an opportunist. If he can get a couple of good assets in return for the No. 3 pick, he won't be afraid to pull the trigger.

But if he doesn't, or if Rubio is off the board, the team will have to make a tough decision. Thabeet would give the Thunder the shot-blocking they desperately need. Harden would give them the savvy of a veteran. Curry would give them shooting. Hill would give them rebounding and energy. Oklahoma City could use all those things, but our guess is that it would settle on Harden or Curry.


Jrue Holiday
Analysis: At this point I think it's safe to say the Kings have narrowed it down to Holiday, Flynn and Rubio. In Sacramento this past weekend, Flynn, Holiday (his second visit) and Brandon Jennings went head-to-head in front of the entire Kings brass.

Sources say Flynn was probably the best of the three in the workout, but that Holiday still holds a slight edge on their board. Flynn would provide immediate help and is a real floor leader. But Holiday's size, upside and defensive ability give him a razor-thin edge.

If the Grizzlies and Thunder both pass on Rubio, the Kings could be in an interesting situation. Sources in Sacramento say the Kings have reservations about Rubio and that it's far from a done deal that they will take him if he is on the board. Is it possible Rubio could slip past No. 4? Ultimately, I don't think so. The Kings would be nuts to pass on him. But who would've thought a month ago it was even a possibility?

James Harden
Analysis: As we've been reporting since draft lottery night, the Wizards are shopping this pick. A source in Washington told me the Wizards have had a number of interesting offers. Their goal is to get back a veteran who can play right now -- and to shed a few million dollars off their payroll, if possible. A number of teams including the Knicks, Rockets and Pacers are possibilities here.

If the Wizards keep the pick, they'll have a tough choice between Harden and Hill. From the intel I've received, it sounds as though Harden might be slightly ahead, though Hill and Davidson's Stephen Curry are still very much in the mix.


Tyreke Evans
Analysis: The Wolves really need help at center and point guard, but in this mock draft, there aren't any centers left worth taking. They've been looking at Evans here, but Stephen Curry is an option even if Evans is still on the board.

Both players can play both guard positions, and combined with Randy Foye could give the Wolves a pretty formidable backcourt. Curry's maturity, dead-eye shooting and name recognition would make him a smart pick for the Wolves. But Evans' size and versatility give him a very slight edge.

7.Golden State

Stephen Curry
Analysis: The Warriors don't have a traditional point guard, but they might have several to choose from, including Jonny Flynn, Brandon Jennings and Curry.

Flynn is the purest point guard of the bunch, but he lacks size and shooting ability. Jennings has the most upside and was very impressive in a workout at Golden State, but he's a ways away. If the Warriors are after someone who could come in and deliver right away, Curry would be the guy. His versatility and shooting ability paired with Ellis make him seem like a must for the Warriors.

At the same time, I'm hearing significant buzz that Jordan Hill could be the pick if the team ends up trading away Brandan Wright. Louisville's Terrence Williams is also high on the board at Golden State. No. 7 seems too high for him, but don't be surprised if the Warriors are willing to do a trade down to get him.

8.New York
Jordan Hill
Analysis: The Knicks will be disappointed if Curry is off the board, but the truth is that they have needs everywhere.

If they draft for the frontcourt, Hill is probably the guy. With David Lee hitting (restricted) free agency this summer, Hill would be a perfect fit for New York at the 4. But don't count out one sleeper here: Ohio State's B.J. Mullens. His combination of size and athleticism is tempting. He's far from ready, but the Knicks need a big man and they are intrigued.

If drafting for point guard, the Knicks would have to decide between experience and upside. Flynn has the ability to come in and play right away in New York. Jennings has more long-term upside. I think Jennings' playing a year in Italy will make him intriguing to Mike D'Antoni, but Flynn is more of a pure point guard right now and that's what the Knicks need.


DeMar DeRozan
Analysis: The Raptors have some needs on the wing since Anthony Parker and Shawn Marion are hitting free agency. DeRozan is one of the most gifted players in the draft, and his strong play at the end of the season combined with a confident performance at the combine could push him even higher than No. 9. But if he's here, sources say the Raptors won't pass.

If DeRozan is gone, they'll decide between Duke's Gerald Henderson, Earl Clark and Jrue Holiday, with Holiday in the lead.

Jonny Flynn
Analysis: Flynn is a hot name right now and could go as high as No. 4. He'll also get a strong look from the Warriors at No. 7 and the Knicks at No. 8. But if he falls, the Bucks will welcome him with open arms.

They face losing two free agents -- Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions -- this summer due to financial constraints, perhaps leaving openings at both the 1 and the 4.

If Flynn is gone, they'll try to find the best player among Holiday, Jennings, Jeff Teague and Earl Clark.

11.New Jersey

Tyler Hansbrough
Analysis: I know a lot of people were shocked when we put Hansbrough here this week, but sources continue to insist that he and Louisville's Terrence Williams are the front-runners now in New Jersey.

Rod Thorn has said he needs a moose, and in fact, the Nets have needs at both forward positions. But the three best candidates -- DeJuan Blair, Earl Clark and James Johnson -- all have issues. Blair's medical reports have created major red flags about his knees. Johnson is carrying around some baggage from his Wake Forest days. And Clark isn't the physical player they're really looking for.

Williams has his own set of issues that teams are sorting through, which gives Hansbrough a legit shot at going this high. He isn't going to be a dominant player in the league, but he has been productive, is as tough as nails and has measured better than expected in size and athleticism.


Gerald Henderson
Analysis: I don't want to say this is a sure thing, but it feels pretty close. Since shipping Jason Richardson to Phoenix in December, the Bobcats have had some needs in the backcourt. Raja Bell can't hold down the fort forever.

While they hope a player like DeRozan or Evans falls to them, they can settle for Henderson. He isn't the best offensive 2-guard in the draft, but he's NBA-ready and can play lockdown defense.

If Henderson is gone, Earl Clark and B. J. Mullens are possibilities.

Brandon Jennings
Analysis: This is where draft forecasts really start to break down. I've heard the names of 10 different players associated with the Pacers here.

The team's biggest need is an athletic big man who can score and block shots, but Indiana isn't likely to find one of those guys.

The Pacers are also looking for a starting point guard, and in particular looking at three players that might be considered a reach at No. 13: Brandon Jennings, Eric Maynor and Jeff Teague. I think the Pacers will be sorely tempted to take Jennings. He has superstar upside and they need that in Indy.

If Jennings is gone, they could also still take Maynor or Teague or go with a big like Austin Daye or DeJuan Blair.


Austin Daye
Analysis: The Suns could go in a lot of directions, depending on where GM Steve Kerr decides to take the team.

There's been a lot of talk about Earl Clark, and I think he makes sense for Phoenix. But the Suns also have more than a passing interest in Austin Daye. While Clark is the better athlete and more NBA-ready, Daye is a better shooter and has few, if any, character concerns.

Earl Clark
Analysis: The Pistons will begin their summer makeover in the draft.

They'd love to add a dominant low-post scorer, but in lieu of that, they'll have to settle for choosing between two upside guys: Earl Clark and James Johnson, both of whom have had questions raised about their background.

Clark could be the second coming of Lamar Odom if he's willing to put in the work. The versatile forward can play both the 3 and the 4 and he is amazing in transition, an excellent rebounder and an emerging shooter. And he has the capability (albeit not always the inclination) to play great defense.

James Johnson is smaller but tougher. He is also inconsistent but has major upside.

I think Clark gets the edge based on size. He's big enough to be a full-time 4 in the NBA.


B.J. Mullens
Analysis: There's been talk that the Bulls might take a look at Tyler Hansbrough and DeJuan Blair, if available. Both are definitely the kind of player John Paxson likes.

But the word around the league this weekend was that the Bulls might have made a promise to Mullens, who has the most long-term upside of any remaining center, a position at which Chicago needs help. He's raw, but it's rare to get a talent like this after the lottery.

Eric Maynor
Analysis: With Andre Miller hitting free agency this summer, look for the Sixers to address the point guard position. Lou Williams is nice but not really a lead guard.

Maynor would give Philly the total package as one of the most NBA-ready players in the draft. Teague will also get a look here, but he's more of a combo guard and the Sixers have that in Williams.

(via Miami)
Terrence Williams
Analysis: I'm not sure if the Wolves will keep this pick -- it appears that a number of teams that want Williams would be willing to trade for it, including the Nets, Knicks, Warriors and Thunder.

If the Wolves keep the pick and take Williams, he would bolster their small forward spot.

Jeff Teague
Analysis: The Hawks have blown it repeatedly when they've needed a point guard in the draft. They passed on Chris Paul to draft Marvin Williams and passed on Rajon Rondo to draft Shelden Williams.

Then, two years ago, when they finally got around to picking a point guard, they took Acie Law ahead of Rodney Stuckey.

The choice here likely will come down to Teague and Ty Lawson. Lawson has the experience and leadership credentials, but Teague has the sizzle and upside.

Sam Young
Analysis: The Jazz are hoping that Hansbrough slips to them here. But if he's off the board, they'll likely be deciding between James Johnson, Sam Young and Toney Douglas.

Johnson would be more of a fit in Utah. With Carlos Boozer likely leaving this summer, the Jazz will have a need for help in the frontcourt. The question would be whether they could put up with Johnson's sometimes difficult on-court personality.

Douglas is the type of combo guard the Jazz currently lack. He shoots it, plays defense and could be a credible backup at both positions for Utah.

But Young is the type of tough veteran the Jazz love. He's ready to step in and play right now and give them minutes at both the 2 and the 3.

21.New Orleans
DeJuan Blair
Analysis: Blair has a lot of admirers in the lottery, but concerns about the health of his knees have caused him to slide in draft evaluations.

I doubt he would fall past New Orleans. The team is dire need of toughness and rebounding, and Blair would provide both. There's just way too much upside to pass on here.

James Johnson
Analysis: At No. 22, the Mavs can sit back and see who falls.

Johnson could be a terrific sleeper pick. He has the raw ability to be great, but has hurt his stock a bit in workouts.

Dallas would be walking away with a real talent, albeit not necessarily filling a need.

(via Houston)
Ty Lawson
Analysis: We already have the Kings taking a combo guard with their first pick, but after last year's debacle at the point, they can afford to take another one and hope they can find a new home for Beno Udrih.

DaJuan Summers
Analysis: The Blazers are looking at trading this pick. But if they keep it, the Blazers can add another forward who can play both the 3 and the 4. Summers already has an NBA body and the kind of shooting ability the team really covets.

25.Oklahoma City
(via San Antonio)
Chase Budinger
Analysis: The Thunder would love to get their hands on a legitimate center, but there won't be anyone worth gambling on at this point in the draft. If the team doesn't address its needs at the 2 earlier in the draft, Budinger could be an option. With his shooting ability, he would be a nice complement in the backcourt to Russell Westbrook.

(via Denver)
Toney Douglas
Analysis: Douglas would be an insurance policy should Ben Gordon bolt this summer. He's not as talented a shooter, but he's good enough to play both backcourt positions in Chicago, and his defense would earn him minutes right from the get-go.

(via Orlando)
Omri Casspi
Analysis: The Grizzlies lack toughness, and Casspi has an abundance of it. He's not the most skilled player in the draft, but few players possess his grit.

(via Boston)
Jonas Jerebko
Analysis: It seems doubtful that the Wolves would keep three rookies on their roster next year, which means they might want to take an international player who would wait to come to the NBA.

Omri Casspi would be an obvious possibility, if available -- he is tough and physical and can keep developing overseas -- and Victor Claver is another. But word is Jerebko from Sweden is the top choice at the moment.

29.L.A. Lakers
Darren Collison
Analysis: Collison is a small guard, which makes him less than ideal for Phil Jackson. But the UCLA product is super-fast, has a smooth jumper and can get after it defensively. With Derek Fisher winding down his career, Collison would be worth a gamble here.


Derrick Brown
Analysis: The Cavs could lose both Ben Wallace and Anderson Varejao this summer. And after being knocked out by the Magic, Cleveland has a serious need for an athletic 4, such as Brown, to guard players on the perimeter.

DeMarre Carroll is another possibility here.

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I would be shocked if Holiday goes at number 4. Thanks for posting Ford's mock draft.'s picture
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Nbanflguy got the right Cha

Nbanflguy got the right Cha Ford updated one.

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