Chad Ford Draft Transcript

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Chad Ford Draft Transcript

Some interesting stuff in there.

First question really shocked me and dealt with my favorite team the Bulls. Surprised Bullock was rate so high and would love for the Bulls to add another smart defensive minded wing with size who can shoot. In a forum a while back I had Bullock in my top 10 players in this draft. I was super high on Jimmy Butler when he came out as well, and I think they have a lot of similarities. As much as they need another big, I just love Bullock too much.

Why does Ford think Cavs go with Noel when most reports are Len?

McLemore scares me. Ford is Kansas fan and watched every game.

Always loved Andre Roberson and what he brings to a team but damn, #3 player using some metrics model!

Why would Gobert agree to a workout against Steven Adams?

Starting to get really fun!

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Damn, interesting to see

Damn, interesting to see Roberson much more highly regarded than I thought. Big Colorado fan and I thought he was making a mistake declaring, but if he can end up at Memphis or somewhere that preaches defense, I think he has a lot of potential for a 2nd rounder.

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