Cezar Guerrero

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Cezar Guerrero

For those that have seen him play, what do you think of his game? How big of an addition is he for Fresno State? All I know about him is that he transferred from Oklahoma State, handing the point guard position exclusively to Marcus Smart.

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hes very quick and fearless,

hes very quick and fearless, i think he will end his career well @ fresno state

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Quality Pick Up

I've always liked his game as a college player. He is extremely confident (atleast he was in high school) and a great scorer who is always attacking. If he proves to be a good distributor, I think he'd be a great addition to Fresno State. The Bulldogs already have two good perimeter players in place (Johnson and Huddleston) and their front court has added a lot of talent in its 2012 and 2013 classes (Upshaw, Edo, Watson, and Anderson.) I wouldn't be surprised to see Fresno be a top 3 team in the Mountain West by Guerrero's senior year.

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He was a chucker at Ok St.

He was a chucker at Ok St. He took some really bad shots, doesn't run an offense well and liked to dribble a lot. I don't think much of him.

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Mixed feelings

He's a high school phenom who put up numbers against powerhouse Mater Dei. He even won the High School National 3pt contest.

But at Okl. State, he didn't do much except for that game against UTSA:

Being Mexican, I want to be supportive and say he can offer Fresno State some quality play, but he has not shown otherwise.

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I do not understand why he

I do not understand why he went to Frenso State, I said, "I will give everything in my second season in the state of Oklahoma and I will introduce the draft."

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I never thought he was an NBA

I never thought he was an NBA player when I saw him a couple years ago. He just looked like a college combo guard who was a little undersized and a little inefficient to be an NBA player. I'm sure he'll get better over his remaining couple years, but I don't expect him to be in any mocks anytime soon.

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