Certain Comparisons have to STOP!!

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Certain Comparisons have to STOP!!

Can we please stop with the comparisons of :

First -- C. Bosh and T. Hill...

- Hill is going to be an energy guy who is going to get some garbage baskets and be more along the lines of a Haslem. C. bosh was highly skilled coming into the league and the only question about him was about his strength.

Second -- E. Clark and T. Thomas

- T. Thomas coming out of college was a player that took alot of three point shots and had a nice game to compliment it were Clark is a guy whos game is more centered around all the other things he can do with the hope of extending his shooting range to the three point line with some consistancy. so would it not make more sense to compare him to a Odom or even a Gay who both have alot of the versatility that Clark has and with the same questions about their motor or effort level.

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Tyreke Evans to Dwyane Wade and most recently Kevin Durant to Michael Jordan.

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Or BJ Mullens to Chris

Or BJ Mullens to Chris Kaman... it's not even close- Kaman is a power player with some skills inside while BJ is purely athleticsm, they're complete opposites.

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Never Heard...

I havent heard Clark to Tim thomas before. Earl Clark is always compared to Lamar Odom and Rudy Gay anyway, where did you see that?

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i still remember the blake

i still remember the blake griffin to charles barkley comparison.....

granted it was made by a 16 year old who never saw barkley play....

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