Central Division

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Central Division

Am I the only one who thinks the Central Division is the most exciting group of teams stacked?

Cleveland- LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins

Chicago- Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol

Indiana- Paul George, David West, Roy Hibbert

Milwaukee- Jabari Parker, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Brandon Knight

Detroit- Andre Drummond, Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith

And rumors swirling about Eric Bledsoe probably going to the Bucks, where will Greg Monroe go? I mean, the teams in this Division is stacked with exciting players...

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All I know is Chicago's pick and roll flex offense is going to be Deadly... they ran a ton of flex when they had Korver, I think they go right back to running more Flex sets with Gasol and Noah instead of running Princeton sets that they did with Deng.

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When you reminded me of the

When you reminded me of the significant roles that Smith and Jennings are slated to play on the Pistons, I threw up in my mouth a little bit. This Division is goingto be brutal on the Pistons.

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Maybe SVG can get Smith to embrace a bench role? Maybe he will get Jennings to look up the definition of defence? Maybe he can convince Smith to stop jacking up awful threes. Maybe.

I can dream can't I...?

Actually, no, not even in my wildest dreams. Bucks and Pistons will be fighting for that last place in the division. Pistons should have enough with Drummond to get past the Bucks but are only good enough for second last in the Central.

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Bring back Monroe

Pistons are trying to unload Josh Smith to the kings right now. Would love to see this as a 3 team deal.

Det gets: Jason Thompson, Derrick Williams, and a Pick

Sac gets: Josh Smith and Brandon Wright

Dal gets: The Jet

Detroit: dumps Josh Smith so they can resign Greg Monroe and they get depth behind Drummond and Monroe

Jennings - KCP - Butler - Monroe - Drummond

Augustin - Meeks - Singler - Williams - Thompson

Sac: Gets a rim protector and keeps its prospects for a trade of Rondo

Collison - Stauskas - Gay - Smith - Cousins

Macculum - B-Mac - Outlaw - Landry / Evans - Wright

Dallas: Brings the Jet home and gets a 6th man and someone who plays point guard off the bench when felton sucks

Felton - Ellis - Parsons - Dirk - Chandler

Harris - Jet - Ledo - Lewis / Crowder - Smith

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Aside from the Cavs and the

Aside from the Cavs and the Bucks I don't think those other teams will be that entertaining to watch.

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Clearly you've never seen

Clearly you've never seen Drummond go off.

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