Celtics will commit to a long-term rebuild

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Celtics will commit to a long-term rebuild

I'm a Celtics fan and I would love to have the C's actually be competitive and get in to the secound round of the playoffs next year.

But it won't happen.

Their are two big wrinkles in the Celtic's efforts to assemble a competitive roster:

1. They have 27 mil/year tied up long-term in Gerald Wallace, Jeff Green and Brandon Bass. None of these guys are bad players, but they realistically shouldn't start on a good team, and no team can pay 30 mil for some reserves. In order to be competitive they have to: spend assets to get Kevin Love or someone about as good, spend assets to get rid of their bad contracts and either draw free agents (which doesn't happen in Boston) or spend assets to actually fill the roster with some more good starting players. I don't know if we can afford to do all of that.

2. There are enough teams out there who don't go after long-term assets, which is really all the C's have. Other than Sully and the 6 pick, the Celtics have nothing that actually amounts to key contributions 2 years from now. To get the most value out of the Nets and Clips picks, we need to wait till we're closer to those draft years or actually pick players and trade them after 1-2 years.

The C's will try to snooker some idiot team like the TWolves into a really bad trade, but they know they just can't make fair deals and assemble a good roster.

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I thnk they have an excellent chance to rebuild assume they don't have to give up 4 or 5 good assets for Love....Brooklyn's picks in 17 and 18 should be lotto considering the team's age.....Ainge usually does a job job in the draft (other than Giddens, Jajuan Johnson....who I liked and Melo)

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I doubt those picks are

I doubt those picks are lottery. That Russian spends money like its going out of style. They will overpay for some more over the hill veterns to make the playoffs and continue their luxury tax ways.

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This is a pretty idiotic

This is a pretty idiotic thread. Complete and absolute waste of time, I don't know where to begin on how many things are wrong with this post.

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