Celtics need a center DESPERATELY

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Celtics need a center DESPERATELY

I see all these trade rumors about the Celtics inquiring about Tyreke Evans, and as a Celtics AND Kings fan why would the Celtics want Evans??? They don't need another combo guard that cant shoot and is best with the ball in his hands, I CERTAINLY wouldn't give up a prime defensive player in Bradley for him, nor Jeff Green. If I were to send a package for him it would be along the lines of Courtney Lee and Brandon Bass plus draft picks for him. But even then I'm very skeptical, which brings me to this.

C's need a center. KG is too old and cant bang around with the big guys down low like he used to, he's still a great defensive center at his age, but the Celtics are the one team in the league that really don't have a true post presence. Their season could fall apart right before our eyes, if you watch any of their games they get destroyed on the glass every game, and also can't really stop big guys down low from scoring, and that causes them to lose leads and lose games. It's devastating what a lack of a center does to this team. If they could acquire a legit, good center these next couple months without giving up some core pieces they will be right back to being a contender again.

I'm no good at trade scenarios and they are also magnets for negs. So that's where your guys opinion and trade suggestions come in, both Marcin Gortat and Varejao could help improve this Celtics team GREATLY, but I'm not really sure how they would go about acquiring them, maybe the Lee and Bass combo and some draft picks like I mentioned before, I just don't know. Thoughts???

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I read

I read something a couple weeks ago mentioning them trading Avery Bradley as the main piece for gortat. I was surprised to hear his name thrown out there but we'll see if anything happens

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Gortat and Beasley for Green,

Gortat and Beasley


Green, Bass, and Bradley?

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Kevin Garnett

He's a stud. He's 25 years old, and averages 25 points and 12 rebounds. So, I don't see where the problem is. He's their center for the next decade.

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Perkins in the OKC-CLE=BOS three team trade. Perk-BOS, Lamb-T.O1rst-Bass or Lee-CLE, OKC Varejao.

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I will say this again, there

I will say this again, there is noway the thunder trade perkins. He is a championship person and is an amazing person to have on your team. There is a reason the celtics were crying when he left. He truly meant that much to them.

here is the article from yahoo on him

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yall must be higher then me

OKC is not going to get rid of perkins, they've done enough tweaking of their roster this offseason. Celtics should go ahead and throw Fab Melo sorry ass out in the fire and give him mins if he's a rim protecter 7 footer. In all seriousness try and make runs at Nene wizards going nowhere he wants to play in a winning situation. Make a run for Al Jefferson. No way in hell you could give up courtney lee though he just signed I think a 4 year deal with Boston. Get rid of Bradley while his value is high he's a specialist not a damn franchise

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There's a reason OKC traded

There's a reason OKC traded away Harden. And that was to keep Ibaka and Perkins.

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Jeff green for vareajao

Jeff green for vareajao stands out to me as a possibilty

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I doubt Boston will pull the

I doubt Boston will pull the trigger on the trade. They've had centers to bang in the paint but they always waive them in favor of keeping their backcourt depth

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Well Jeff green is a front

Well Jeff green is a front court player so I don't know what backcourt has anything to do with it

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I don't know that I like Melo

I don't know that I like Melo as more than a backup in the NBA, but I think he was a smart pick for them. He's doing pretty decent in the D-League and I think he can be a DeSagana Diop type 15-20 mpg defensive big. Unfortunately, I think he's about a year and a half away, but it might not hurt to start getting him some reps by Jan.

Chris Kaman is a free agent this summer and he stands out as a guy who can play at a high level, and still has gass left in the tank going forward. He'd be a good guy to sign to a two or three year deal as insurance as Fab develops or doesn't develop and buy them some time to figure out their next move, since I doubt they'll land Dwight or Bynum nor do I think they'd go after Al Jefferson because of their defensive scheme.

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