Celtics @ Heat - ROUND 2

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"I really like your idea of

"I really like your idea of bringing Bosh of the bench Tezo. I know his ego would never allow it but maybe you move LeBron to the bench to go with the second unit. Still give him his minutes but let him play with the shooters who open up the floor and let him be ball dominant with the second unit. Then let Wade and Bosh work together with the first unit. I know a lot of people are going to crazy when they see the word LeBron and bench, I'm just saying for the good of the team at this point, the superstars should be split up and LeBron plays his best with the guys like House and Jones. Only problem I see with that is they don't develop any chemistry, so maybe they try and tough it out until they can get that going for them."

The only thing that can hurt the Heat is to overreact to games played in October and early November. Look at their schedule between now and XMas. This is where they are going to get fat.

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Good point. Barely a 10th of

Good point. Barely a 10th of the season is over.

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