celtics draft question

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celtics draft question

´Hi everyone, as a celtics fan I´m intrigued by the 2016 and 2018 unprotected picks we received in the Garnett/Pierce trade from Brooklyn. Looking at their team I know that bye the 2015-16 nba season Garnett and Pierce will either be out of the league or too old to really be impact players, I also think the same of Joe Johnson who I believe is in the last year of his contract. That leaves deron Williams (31yrs old bye then and believe to be in his last year under contract) and brook lopez (who has I believe a player option and should be even better by then) on the team. How good do you guys think they´ll be in this situation? I mean I´m not good at the financial side of nba teams and not sure if anyone could help me out figuring if they financially could find or acquire good players or financially they will tight and wont really be able to get any good players around Johnson, Williams and Lopez???? Could they easily be a lottery team that year and maybe the celtics will get a great pick??


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zero chance Brooklyn is in the lottery in the near future

They have enough young players and money to stay contenders. The picks will be mid 1st round at best, more likely in the 20's.

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Agree with JJ

I'm a Celtics fan and I completely agree with what jjbutler73 said. The Nets have too much money (and the will to spend it) to end up in the lottery any time soon. With that being said, those unprotected draft picks could be appealing to teams in trades. I'd be surprised if the Celtics kept all the picks they acquired because they could use them in deals to get established quality players and accelerate the rebuilding process.

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Will say.....

As long as Prokhorov is their owner, see little reason to believe he will not spend the money to have them as a competitive team. He is like Mark Cuban, only much more rich and just as willing to spend whatever it takes to raise a banner. He may not have a Dirk Nowitzki, as well as having some aging players, just really doubt the Celtics get good draft spots out of those two picks.

A lot can happen between now and than, no way they maintain the same team until 2016, much less 2018, just think with Mikhail Prokhorov obviously having an interest in winning, would not assume the Celts are getting lottery picks. What they do with the draft picks are of course up to them, gems can be found later in the draft as we well know. Just think it is a tad ambitious to hope for the Celtics to land some of the picks they got off of trades in the 1980's.

Brief history of Celts 1980 Draft trade magic:

  • In 1979, the Celtis traded Bob McAdoo for a pair of first round picks owned by Detroit. These picks became the #1 and #13 pick in the 1980 draft. The day before said draft, the Celtics traded these picks (that became Joe Barry Carroll and Rickey Brown) for a four year veteran center and the #3 pick in the 1980 Draft. The center was Robert Parish and the 3rd pick was Kevin McHale. The previous year, the Celtics had finished with the leagues best record at 61-21, led by a rookie named Larry Bird. Season after this trade went down, they hoisted another banner into Boston Gardens, along with a couple more during their run as the preeminent front court of the 80's.

Also, another trade that would have more than likely put the Celtics over the top unfortunately ended in tragedy. They traded Gerald Henderson (father of the current NBA player) and cash to the Seattle Supersonics for a 1986 first round pick. The 1985-86 Celtics were 67-15 and amongst the greatest teams in NBA history. Well, that core group would have added the 2nd pick in the draft. They chose a dynamic athletic forward who Celtics scout Ed Badger called, "The closest thing to Michael Jordan in a long time. I'm not saying he's as good as Michael Jordan, but he's an explosive and exciting kind of player like that." Bias unfortunately passed away a couple days after he was drafted, leaving us only imagining how great the Celtics would have been with his addition.

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The only way

The only way those picks are any good is if Prokhorov gets bored and sells the team. If not, then this will be an early 2000s Knicks situation where they will pay whatever is necessary to get the best talent possible. He has the mentality that losing is shameful and wants to spend as much money as it takes to get wins. I'd love for the Celtics to get some good draft picks, but more realistically, they will just have additional trade chips for the future.

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The celtics own 9 1st round

The celtics own 9 1st round picks in the next 5 years...
they have a" face" in rondo.
they have young complementary interesting players (sullinger, olynyk, bradley).
and they'll have cap space in the next two years to spend.

I really don't see them staying inactive this year. Expect Wallace (3 years left), Humphries (expiring deal), Bass (2 years), Lee (3 years) to get traded till next june.

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It may take a few years.

I think the Celtics future will be fine. They might not get to the playoffs this year, but they will be set up these next few drafts to get pieces to what they already have in a young team. With Rondo being the face of the franchise, then add young players like Bradley, Green, Sully, and Olynk. If they can get a future all star in this coming draft and have money for a free agent or two I think they will be fine.

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Just gotta say...

Mikeyv. I'm gonna try and be more informative with my posts like you do. Good work

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