Celtics-Clippers talks to send Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett to L.A. stall

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Celtics-Clippers talks to send Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett to L.A. stall

Discussions over a blockbuster deal to send Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett to the Los Angeles Clippers – with Doc Rivers as coach – reached an impasse on Saturday afternoon, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.
The Clippers are willing to part with center DeAndre Jordan and a first-round draft pick for Garnett – and the rights to hire Rivers – but so far have refused to include Boston's desire for point guard Eric Bledsoe into the package, sources said.
Since the February trade deadline, Bledsoe had been a part of talks for Garnett, and more recently, Rivers, but that changed Saturday morning, league sources said. The Clippers were no longer willing to part with Bledsoe, sources told Y! Sports.
If the deal completely falls apart, Celtics management and Rivers are still committed to his return to Boston as coach.
Boston general manager Danny Ainge has requested Bledsoe and a second first-round pick, but all involved believe that Bledsoe's inclusion into the package would get a deal done.
Celtics and Clippers management – as well as Rivers – want a finality to these discussions in short order, sources involved told Yahoo! Sports. No one involved has shown an appetite for these talks to linger without resolution.
Garnett, 37, will waive his no-trade clause to leave Boston only if Rivers joins him as coach, sources said. Rivers still needed to talk to Clippers star Chris Paul about his free-agency plans this summer, sources told Yahoo! Sports. It is believed that the arrival of Rivers and Garnett would be the final moves needed to assure Paul to re-signing with the Clippers in July.
Rivers has three years and $21 million left on his Celtics contract, but doesn't want to stay in Boston unless the Celtics are willing to bring back Garnett and Paul Pierce to avoid rebuilding for another year, sources said. Boston will not let Rivers coach or work anywhere in the NBA for the duration of his contract without compensation, sources said.
The Clippers have shown a willingness to give Rivers a contract extension that's competitive with his Boston salary, sources said. Throughout this awkward process, Boston has told Rivers that it still wants him to return as coach should the Clippers discussions never reach fruition, sources said.
While the Clippers had the wistful thought of trying to arrange a sign-and-trade to acquire Dwight Howard for Bledsoe and Blake Griffin, the Lakers have flatly rejected the idea, sources said.
"They'll never do it," one source with direct knowledge of the conversations told Yahoo! Sports.
So far, the Lakers have rejected every possible sign-and-trade scenario for Howard, sources said. The possibility of trading him within the Staples Center is probably the least palatable scenario of all should they be forced to lose him for nothing in July and finally do agree to a sign-and-trade possibility.
Bledsoe can be a restricted free agent in 2014 and it will be difficult to pay him a market value with Paul on the roster.

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My bad, I just noticed

My bad, I just noticed someone else posted about this. I never heard of a coach being included in a trade package as well.

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Didnt something like that

Didnt something like that happen to Jeff Van Gundy years ago when he became Rockets coach?

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Good post, basically summed

Good post, basically summed up the entire day of rumors around the Clippers/Celtics. Does anyone else feel like KG/PP/Doc Rivers aren't the answer for the Clippers? I mean honestly KG and PP don't have many years left and Doc would be the only piece they'd keep if they won a championship in the first two years of acquiring these pieces, idk if I'd do this..interesting though.

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If I were the Lakers I would

If I were the Lakers I would take Blake Griffin. Star power, energy, and he is younger than Dwight.
Blake would be better with Nash and also better with Pau Gasol.

Anybody else want to see the Blakers?

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stan van gundy was dealt to

stan van gundy was dealt to the magic by the heat several years ago against something like a 2nd round pick I think...

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The collective bargaining agreement doesn't allow that

Teams make "agreements" on a hand shake, but no NBA trade can include a coach.

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Great trade for the Clippers...

...but horrible for the Celtics unless Danny Ainge's reasoning is trying to tank for a top pick in next year's draft. The return of DeAndre Jordan and Bledsoe isn't much though for two aging but proven All-Stars. I mean KG and Paul Pierce are still operating at a level that they have a chance to be selected to the game every year...and that means this is great for the Clippers and Chris Paul that want to win right now.

A starting line-up of Paul, Pierce, Garnett, Blake and then sprinkle some vets could win the West. Calling KG and Pierce old is really under-valuing what they would bring to a team like the Clippers.

DeAndre Jordan and Bledsoe are not even guaranteed successful starters (Bledsoe might be), so this is a great deal for the Clippers (an expiring deal and a weak link).

As a fan of the Celtics winning tradition, I wish there was another way to reload and let these guys retire Celtics, but the timing of talent in this next draft might be too good to pass up (I wish the Raps had had the foresight before trading for Gay to see that).

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It will be interesting to see

It will be interesting to see how this deal goes down, there are so many variables with a coach involved, KG's no trade clause, CP's new contract.

I'd guess that KG would only agree to the deal if CP3 will be on the team but that pushes it back until after FA opens, the Clippers will not deal Bledsoe until they know CP3 will return etc.

The basis of the deal looks good but then you have Paul Pierce maybe getting involved, would Boston risk moving a team legend like PP unless he requested it. If they amnestied him then he would probably be snapped up by another team and any buyout would effectively cost Boston. The Clippers could trade for him by offering Caron Butler and I wonder if they could use Grant Hill's contract as he has retired.

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