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Celtics need to get youthful they have a couple building blocks but need to make move quick here are some things I would look at

They can start by building through the draft. The big 3 has maybe 2 years definitely 1 left but they need to get younger around Rondo

Davis, Allen and Robinson should all be kept for the future

in FA let Allen walk if you can get Pierce to take less money and S&T for Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay.
with the draft pick draft a PF someone big maybe 6'10 at least have him learn from KG maybe draft Larry Sanders and see how things work out. hopefully Johnson comes back to Boston and plays great around Pierce/Rondo/Garnett. Give Sanders a couple years of development. second round draft a Center a big body someone Doc Rivers can mold into a great defensive big Dexter Pittman I think he has the drive now to do it for his brother and will work work work.

2010-2011 Boston Celtics
C- Perkins/Wallace/Pittman
F- Garnett/Davis/Sanders/Scalabrine
F- Pierce/Daniels
G- Johnson/Allen
G- Rondo/Robinson

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