cavs scoring load

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cavs scoring load

Any thoughts on how many players score in double figures for the cavs next year? Lebron, kyrie, and Love are a given. I think Waiters of course too. I still see him getting in the 10-13 attempts range. Anybody think Tristan will get the minutes to reach double figures? Hope everybody enjoying their weekend.

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Basically what you're asking

Basically what you're asking is Will Tristan Thompson average double figures.

No he will not.

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Tristan Thompson might have a

Tristan Thompson might have a rough year depending on how small the Cavs are willing to play. At 6'8" its hard to imagine Thompson seeing a ton of minutes considering Kevin Love and Lebron should see nearly all the minutes at power forward. If the Cavs are ok with playing significant stretches where no one on the floor for them is taller than 6'8" or 6'9" then perhaps he'll see backup center minutes.

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