With the Cavs looking to unload the 4th pick

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With the Cavs looking to unload the 4th pick

Guys with the Cavs failed attempt at trading for Rudy Gay they've shown there hand that they want a young, good player for the 4th overall pick. With them trying to try for Gay tells me their looking for someone who can put the ball in the basket. So it got me thinking...

What about Andrea Bargnani for the 4th pick/ James Trade Exception ?


J.J. Hickson for Andrea Barnani if the Raps want a player and not a pick.

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Bargs is not worth a lottery

Bargs is not worth a lottery pick

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Isn't Hickson part of their

Isn't Hickson part of their rebuilding plan? Or would they be taking Derek Williams with 1st pick and a PG with 4th pick in that case?

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Bargnani is surely a frustrating player, but he's very underrated. If he played his natural position as a power forward he could be a very valuable asset.

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if you pair bargnani with a

if you pair bargnani with a good center he can be very effective ... i dont know if JJ hickson is the perfect partner for him...players like tyson chandler/ andrew bynum maybe even deandre Jordon would allow bargnani to play really good.

as for the trade the cavs would probobly rather have a young enas kanter who has the potential to be the same type of scorer as bargnani and most probobly a better rebounder and slightly better defender (strenth wise)

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I would take Kanter over Barg

I would take Kanter over Barg all day!!

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the raptors already have

the raptors already have enough 6'9'' rangy power forwards..what does hickson do that the combo of amir johnson, reggie evans, james johnson, and ed davis cant do?

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I understand the hate for

I understand the hate for Bargs, I really do. But when players like the Morris twins are considered lottery picks I'de take my chance on a guy who just put up about 22 and 5. The only thing that would make me question this trade would be the salary, or if Kanter/Williams were still on the board.

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Bargnani's big 7 foot 250

Bargnani's big 7 foot 250 pound ass doesn't want to be a center?lmfao

Has anyone ever seen Barg's w/o his shirt on? Str8 up marshmallow body- no six pack or muscle definition after 6 seasons in the NBA.

Bargnani has been playing PF for the most part as when he's paired with Reggie, Amir or Ed he spends alot of time floating on both offense and defense.

This is just a PR spin to rationalize Barg's less than overall game- sure he averaged 21 ppg but on 17 shots per game. CB never averaged 17 shots per game as a Raptor.

Plus when he played next to CB, CB was guarding centers more often than not.

Bargnani will have trouble guarding PF's full time plus he still has to rebound, rotate on defense and play with heart as a PF. I can't recall Bargnani over 6 seasons ever diving on the floor while battling for a loose ball he usually just watches as other players battle for loose

Fyi- you can't combine the LBJ TPE when making a transaction it has to be used separately by itself but one could break a deal down into 2 separate transactions.

[b] Infamous 2010-11 Bargnanisms: [/b]

Coach, I got the flu. (again)

What I do on offense is more complicated than defense or rebounding.

Sometimes I get lazy.

It's called basketball- not reboundball. (or defenseball or hustleball)

Work hard. Get better. Be the best. (Barg's typical pre-post season response related to improving his game)

I'm a PF not a center.

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Andrea Bargnani- does he workout at all in the off season?

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i think Raptors drafting Enes

i think Raptors drafting Enes Kanter would do very good for Bargnani, it will lower the pressure of him, it will give Bargnani better situation to succeed and will put him in more suitable position for him. the reliance in him will decrease, it will give Toronto main 3 man combination of bigs of Enes Kanter, Andrea Bargnani and Ed Davis with also Amir Johnson, that is very versatile combination with players who have different strengths and that complete each other.

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I don't see Bargs being a

I don't see Bargs being a good fit with the Cavs really and Toronto would surely want the top pick for their best player and then if they use him as a PF then Hickson would probably need to be moved on. I suppose 1st pick and Hickson for Bargnani and 5th pick might balance quite well but Toronto have numerous PF's already so maybe Varejao and 1st pick for Bargnani and maybe 5th pick could be an idea, But personally I feel that Cleveland have to keep the top pick and teams know the exception is running down so in a weaker draft they will not fall over themselves to offer Cleveland deals.

Perhaps Cleveland's best option is to draft with both picks and then look at the exception seperately, lots of exceptions lapse and unless they take a salary dump for future picks which in the potentially stronger 2012 draft might be a good option then I'd rather them let the exception lapse than use it unwisely. They have those picks due from Miami, Jamieson's expiring deal, an atttracticve early 2nd round pick this year which a contender might fancy, so they have a number of long term options.

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Why would they do it?

I think the Cavs should only trade one of their lottery if they can unload Davis contract with it. Plus a draftee dou of Irving and maybe Kanter looks promising.

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