Cavs and lakers trade

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Cavs and lakers trade

On espn pod cast with Ryan R. they were talking bout ways to improve the Lakers and i one idea that i thought was pretty intreaging was a trade that surrounded Lakers sending Bynum, Odom, and Blake for Clevelands Varejao, both draft picks and Davis. I was like i never heard of a trade that had so many mixed fillings

Positives was that while lakers where set for the future and when get great perimeter play and speed if they was to get kyrie and possible Williams or Kanter. and the Cavs are going to be set on the front court and they got rid of Davis contract

Negatives Lakers gave so much size that gave them the advantage so many years and they picked up Davis contrac plus they give Odom who is a fan favorit away and an advantage he had against most bigs. and the Cavaliers gave their future away. Even though it wouldnt be know if the picks they had would even give them a part of what bynum and odom will give them.

What do you guys think is this a fair trade. Maybe Cavs give them one of the picks and not both. i didnt check if this trade works caps wise but i think its pretty close. Who do you guys think says no first.

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