Is Carter-Willie really that much better than Lorenzo Brown?

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Is Carter-Willie really that much better than Lorenzo Brown?

Both the same age, and very similar in style of play.
A: 13ppg 7apg 4rpg 2spg 3.3TOs on 48fg% and 29 3fg%
B: 12ppg 10apg 5rpg 3spg 3.6TOs on 38fg% and 28 3fg%
Put Lorenzo in Syracuse and both, his steals per game would increase due to Syracuse tenacious zone defense. And his assist due to more talent in the roster. Maybe even his rpg.
One is a 9th pick in the first round and the other is 10th in the second (based on .net).
I don't think their game is that far apart.

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While I agree that Brown is underrated, I don't think he's quite on MCW level. If we were to switch MCW and Lorenzo Brown then Brown's assists may go up a little bit, but I bet his points would go down. Plus his turnovers may go up more as well.

I see Brown as a 6th man in the NBA who can come in and provide a spark of offense. Maybe San Antonio or OKC with either their 29th or 33rd pick will give Brown a look as a 6th man with the potential to become a starter down the road (more likely a starter down the road for the Spurs.) But this draft is too PG heavy for Brown to go as high as MCW. We have Smart, MCW, Brown, Burke, McCollum, Canaan, Kabongo, Burton, Green, McCallum, Wolters, Johnson, and Jackson all projected to get drafted. That's a high supply of quality PGs, but there isn't that high of a demand for them.

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I think Brown is the better

I think Brown is the better college player but MCW has the potential to be the much better pro. That is why one is considered a lottery pick and the other a second rounder.

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