Carmelo trade idea

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Carmelo trade idea

New York gets: enes kanter, Trevor ariza and houstons future first round pick

Houston gets: Carmelo

Portland gets: Ryan Anderson

Okc gets: Allen crabbe and Kyle oquinn

For whatever reason trade Machine wouldn't copy and paste

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Kanter and Porzingis together?

The idea of Kanter and Porzingis down low is just dumb. All offense and no defense. They wouldn't like playing alongside each other. But I do like the rest of the trade.

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Its a shame Melo can demand

Its a shame Melo can demand where he wants to go. I think Melo to the Mavs with a Noel sign and trade would be perfect. Mavs would have too throw a filler in to match the 30 mil salary but it makes sense for both. Noel would fit nice next to KP. The Mavs want to give dirk one last shot. Smith Curry Barnes Melo and Dirk would be fun to watch and have the offense and the coach to make them conpetive in the west. Maybe give dirk one last shot at the playoffs and Cuban has done crazier things.

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Portland said they'd only be

Portland said they'd only be in a Melo trade if they get him, won't facilitate for others

Source is Woj

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