Carmelo Trade 4

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Carmelo Trade 4

Knicks get: Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Anthony Davis

Rockets get: Carmelo Anthony

Cavs get: Rockets 2020 top 55 protected 2nd round pick

Warriors get: Ryan Anderson and draft rights to Ognjen Jaramaz

Pelicans get: Sasha Vujacic and cash considerations

Just wanted to post a REALISTIC Melo trade idea after all these bad ones...

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Lol yes my trades suck. Heard

Lol yes my trades suck. Heard loud and clear

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i believe cavs can dumb

i believe cavs can dumb irvings contract too :trollface

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Yea, I'll agree that your

Yea, I'll agree that your trade ideas haven't been great, but damn does everybody turn into a massive d*ck on this board when you state an unpopular opinion.

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There are a few unwritten

There are a few unwritten rules on this forum. Ones that I learnt over many years. I still don't know them all but here are a few I remember. Feel free to add more.

1) 90% of trade ideas will get roundly negged. This is because they're usually put forward by homers trying to make their team better at the expense of the rest of the league.

2) Never bag Greg Oden. Dunno why, but you'll get negged for it.

3) Don't criticise Lakers or lakers players. There are a lot of laker fanboys on this site and will neg mercilessly when you attack. (See Ball, Lonzo).

Any others?

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