Cant wait for AAU season

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Cant wait for AAU season

I am really expecting some buzzing this spring and summer with all the great talent on the horizon. Classes 2015 and 2016 have all the potential to be something special.

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Class of 2016

I have a tryout with DC Assault the same AAU team Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley played on. Right now Anthony Cowan who's a top rated player in my class could be my teammate, pretty nervous.

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Don't be nervous man. Go and

Don't be nervous man. Go and out and do what you do and you'll be fine.

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At your age it's easy to be

At your age it's easy to be nervous because you don't fully understand. But listen that kid wakes up in the morning just like you,brushes his teeth and eats breakfast just like you. And he laces up his sneakers just like you. There is nothing to be scared up. Just go and ball. And if you don't make DC assualt then try out for a smaller team in your area that may not have the same money to spend on tournaments but as long as you get to go to a few tourneys that is all that matters. But good luck and remember those words. HE HAS TO LACE THEM UP JUST LIKE YOU.

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Remember basketball and all

Remember basketball and all sports nowadays is about more entertainment than it is about skill. So if you're not sure if your skills measures up to the guy next to you then throw more entertainment into your game...

At the free throw line maybe throw in some karate chops or mimicking playing air guitar before you shoot a free throw. Maybe do the Harlem Shake after a succesful steal and layup...Get creative and throw in some comedy routines in your repertoire.Fans love that stuff

watch these great basketball movies to see how great players entertained and became stars and maybe you'll be on the path to getting that college scholie while that dumb kid who practices in his driveway for hours on end,day after day,cant figure out why scouts arent paying attention to him.

Teen Wolf
Slamdunk Ernest
Juwanna Mann-hey maybe start dressing in drag and you'll be getting national attention
Like Mike 2:Streetball

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