Can we call Ben McLemore a bust yet ?

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Can we call Ben McLemore a bust yet ?

6ppg on 41% and 30% from 3's

I remember there were quite a few fans on here and Ben McLemore did actually spend some time at no1 on the mock drafts.

The Kings are one of the worst teams to go to - Could Ben turn it around if he gets a new team or is he officially a bust from the 13 draft class ?

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Lebron was a huge fan when he

Lebron was a huge fan when he was in college..wouldn't mind seeing him on the cabs.

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LeBron doesn't exactly have

LeBron doesn't exactly have the sharpest eye for talent.. Dude told Riley to Draft Napier and took off in the off season

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Pick 24

In all fairness to LBJ, it was pick 24.

Not much talent left on the board. Maybe Capela, Jokic, Clarkson.

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Those three names are pretty significant

Capela always had my eye in the draft due to his arm length and athleticism, I dind't realize that he'd be as good as he is though. The guy was like a 40% free throw shooter, but he is perfect for Houston.

Houston is my favorite squad out West. All out ball out.

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Kings draft picks

Kings scouts are pretty gd in picking out all the draft bust all these years, can someone name them?

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tbf,he was the 7th pick in a

tbf,he was the 7th pick in a draft that didn't have an All star in the class 1st 3 seasons for the 1st time since 2001 IIRC.
When you look at this draft it could very well end up with no All Star in the top 9 for the 1st time in history (I think) and may be even in the lottery
In other words for now it look like a historically bad draft,like it could end up being one of all time worst. So if the 7th pick is bad is he really a bust?

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More importantly. Talent in

More importantly. Talent in this class were mostly big men eventually (Gobert, Adams, possibly Noel) and a greek guy you need to have the eye and guts to pick.

Right now you have less than ten guys clear cut better than McLemore in this draft (Oladipo, Porter, Noel, Caldwell-Pope, McCollum, Adams, Schroeder, Giannis, Gobert ...) and he is among the next tier with Len, Zeller, Olynyk, Carter-Williams (among others) of guys that are going to stay around at least another contract but are below average players.

It was a very bad draft indeed. McLemore at 7 is not a terrible decision tbh, lots of the guys above him would have failed the same way in Sacramento imo.

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While I agree that the

While I agree that the overall talent isn't very good in the draft class, teams can always make the best out of it. The Thunder actually have 3/5 of their starting lineup coming from this draft class...

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7th pick in any draft should

7th pick in any draft should be able to contribute to your 8 man rotay. He is a SG/wing, in his fourth year, who can't put up stats on a bad team with a great big. The mental part of the game, defensive philosophies, are what make or break some players. He is just a super athlete with a low BBIQ. They kept the athlete and traded away the guy who understands basketball concepts in Stauskas.

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This was a guy that drew

This was a guy that drew comparisons to ray Allen in college. Depending on who got the number one pick in 2013, he could have easily been the first pick in the draft. He has shown very little improvement over his first 4 seasons and actually seems to have regressed over the past 2. Sacramento would probably be lucky to get a second round pick in exchange for him right now. By those metrics, he sure as hell would seem to fit the definition of a bust to me.

The physical tools are there, but the mental aspect of understanding the game is extremely lacking. Isn't creative enough with the ball to consistently beat his man off the dribble and completely lacks a mid-range game. His decision making is poor. His outside shot, which was supposed to be his bread and butter, has been inconsistent at best.

Some of his lack of development could probably be attributed to poor coaching and lack of organizational identity, but at some point, the cream has the rise to the top regardless of the situation. You can't expect other people to make it happen for you in this league. You have to make it happen yourself. I have serious doubts about whether McLemore has the work ethic and mindstate to ever come close to reaching his potential at this point.

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No, not a bust.

Given that the 2013 draft was lackluster without much star power, I'd say Mclemore isn't really a bust. Is he disppointing given the incredible amount of hype he had at Kansas, and at draft time? Yep. But you can't really call him a bust because that draft class was overall not great. I'd call him a disappointment along the lines of Alex Len, Trey Burke, and half of that draft class.

Anthony Bennet a bust? Yep. For sure. But most of the guys in that draft class just haven't been that good.

Does anyone remember Shane Larkin? Lol. Guys named Sergey Karasev, and Livio Jean-Charles? These guys make Mclemore look almost decent.

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Karasev never got the minutes

Karasev never got the minutes to let him be a bust or not. Bennett has never played minutes for that matter. While Bennett deserves some of the blame (most) for his play, his handlers deserve some too. That's where the Kings come in. I don't think they drafted terribly; they develop players terribly. Some players will become great players, no matter what. Most need the right situation and the right training. That's where the Kings fall down. I think a majority of busts aren't because of bad scouting, but because of everything that happens after the draft.

As for the Kings: WCS should be playing way better and getting more minutes.

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That Kings organization is

That Kings organization is pure poison to whoever steps foot. I, for one, would like to see what he does on a different team with a better system and environment before I make a conclusion on McLemore. I believe he can definitely be a very capable player on the right team. Willy Cauley Stein seems to be heading down the same path. A few of these players just need a change of scenery before I make a conclusion. After all, the Kings are "basketball hell" according to Rudy Gay lol.

PS - All things considered, I have 0 faith in Georgios Papagiannis lmao

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