can the thunder take the next step?

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can the thunder take the next step?

ever since james harden left the thunder have worsened. sure k-mart was ok but he wasn't the on ball scoring threat harden was. however i think that their whole season depends on the development of jeremy lamb, he is a great scorer and will complement kd and westbrook with his shooting ability, he is a great defender because of his Gigantic wingspan ( i think its something like 7 feet?). but i think that perkins has to go. he isn't a great defender (he is ok though) and maybe trade him along with perry jones III and/or reggie jackson for someone like tiago splitter or maybe enes kanter? but also steven adams do you think my fellow kiwi will be a good center in maybe 3-4 years? will kd and westbrook be around by then?
what do you guys think?

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