can the rockets land a big free agent?

i have noticed that the rockets have quite a lot of cap space left over from whe daryll morey tried to bring in D-12 and i was thinking that now they have a star player and a good squad that maybe dwight will try his luck in houston. now i know that probably bout 5-8 mil will be spent on parsons and that dwight might try his chances with the lakers or another team. but remember cp3,iggy and paul millsap are off contract this year and if the clippers lose to the grizzlies (which is likely imo) cp3 will not be happy because the clips have a better squad this year and will have taken a step backwards and may look for another squad. the jazz will probably match ANY offer sheet for paul millsap unless a team offers him the max. and with iguodala there is a good chance he will waive his player option just so he can resign longterm. there are also some great point guards in the market this year with jarrett jack and nate to name a few but i don't see the rockets getting nate to run their point as he is a very risky player but if i were the rockets my number one choice would be jarrett jack and offer him everything that he wants and more than the gsw will.

so what about your thoughts? and sorry if i did this bad this is my first topic

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