Can Gasol accept coming off the bench?

After thinking about it a lot and hearing that Steve Nash wants Gasol on the team, I realize that maybe this can work out short term but Gasol would have to come off the bench ala Ginobili. This would give Gasol a chance to work in the post for half of his 30 or so minutes while Howard can rest. This is the true strength of having 2 capable 7 footers. Nash and Duhon would get to run the offense with a legit big on the floor at all times.

Considering of these guys are pass first, I think this will help the Lakers out a lot if they choose to keep Gasol this season.

This may be the only way this works out because long term because of his contract, he may have to be moved for smaller cheaper contracts.

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I don't know, but I'm very

I don't know, but I'm very annoyed. How can one of the most skilled/talented big men in the NBA not "fit" in your offense? IF that's the case, then change your offense and make him fit.

I just think when a two time champion and one of the most skilled big men in the world can't fit in your offense, that's a problem.

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That is what makes a coach a

That is what makes a coach a great coach, you adjust you offense to the players so that you can get the most out of them.

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As soon as I read the title, I was going to respond the same way. I'm right there with you 100%. This guy is a proven champion and although his numbers have taken a dive, that's due to coaching not a Pau Gasol problem. They owe it to him to at least put him in a position where he can succeed.

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This guy has sacrificed more

This guy has sacrificed more of his game than anyone on this team, why should he sacrifice even more?
It doesn't make any sense to me. If you're gonna have him on the team at least make an attempt to use him properly, otherwise trade him to a team that will and get back in return a player who can be pigeonholed like Gasol has been, while also filling other holes on the roster.

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I don't even think mike

I don't even think mike Dantoni knows how to utilize Gasol which is why he hasn't made changes to his scheme, I don't understand why Mike is doing in LA right now. He says after the loss to Houston that he won't bench Dwight who is one of their star players, yet he benches Gasol in the fourth almost every game. Honestly I think it's time for Gasol and Los Angeles to part ways; he's been unfairly accused of everything bad in LA when the whole blame is not his fault. Their bench is very inconsistent and Kobe often plays "hero ball", lets not get started on Dwight's free throw problems

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Gasol Vs Howard

is there really any debate that Gasol is not a better player then Howard on offense? unless it is from kobe??/?

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Gasol wants to play like a

Gasol wants to play like a Center and the Lakers now have one. Also Gasol is not as great as he once was and seems to be limited physically. He is also a smart but low energy player most nights. that does not fit every coaches style.

He is not the only coach like that.

I think coming off the bench could help Gasol because then he can play more minutes at Center which Phil used him at from time to time when he was paired with Odom. Since Bynum was always hurt it seemed. Gasol best years were as a Center.

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There are a bunch of teams

There are a bunch of teams that would be willing to give up alot for him! Some of the teams at the top of the list include:

Bucks - They need an inside presence that isnt just a shot blocker (Larry Sanders). Gasol would make them nasty.
Nuggets - They need a go to scorer, or at the very least, a post player to compliment their wings.
Grizzlies - What would be better than pairing the Gasol Brothers for a championship run??

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