Can The Boston Celtics win it All

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Can The Boston Celtics win it All

I believe they have the heart and desire of a team can take it all.They have the ability to be consistent on the defensive end that can take them a long way. They have a much improved point guard in Rajon Rando who can get to the rim and blows by opposing guards that can not handle his quickness .Much of the Celtics players are a veteran team who have championship experience but they have a star who is starting to come out and can help them reach the finals once again,As their are many questions to ask if they can make it past the red hot Orlando magic only time will tell if they have the fire power to keep up with them.

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I believe as long as the Big

I believe as long as the Big 3 can play rejuvenated as they are currently, and Rondo remains a Triple Double threat they have a great shot...Howard will cause them a problem in the paint, But they got the talent and the bench (as long as the bench doesn't fold on them).

And how can you call Rondo a star starting to come out? We all saw his triple-double average against the bulls last year, we saw his assist numbers during this season, He is a bonafide star, he is not coming out, just getting brighter.

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