Can anybody make sense of the Turkoglu signing?

I was really caught off guard by this signing. They had seemingly been moving towards a gritty tough, fast break oriented team. Then WHAM they sign hedo, whose slow, an average rebounder, and plays an almost identical game to Barganani. I just cant figure it out, and they are spending the entire cap on him to. Is there going to be some crazy trade or was colangelo just half asleep when he made this deal?

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What people don't realize is that Orlando was the perfect place for Turkoglu, he won't be as good with the Raptors

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He fits in extremely well. He and Bargnani are much like Turkoglu/Lewis. Turkoglu is extremely skilled too, and Orlando was not at all the perfect place for him, he just finally had a frontcourt mate that complimented him when they signed Rashard. Turkoglu may look slow, but he is extremely smart, can create his own shot and is a very good passer. I do not think Andrea is the same as Hedo, though he possesses many of the same skills, which if anything is a good thing. Hedo is a sufficient rebounder for a 3, and if anything they just need to hope Bargnani toughens up as a rebounder, as he does not have the skill set at the 3 that Hedo possesses. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate Bosh is leaving, because a front court with Bosh, Bargnani and Turkoglu would provide a ton of match-up problems. Toronto needed help on the wing badly, they got it and I think Turkoglu fits perfectly into the system Colangelo is trying to create and Triano is trying to run.

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We'll have to wait and see

I agree with both sides of this issue. Why did the raps sign hedo (for so much)? Hcould be exactly what they need though. If he fits in well and innitiates the offence like expected, then the raps have a super potent offence and every player on the team will benefit. If he turns into an expensive jumpshooter, the raps ship has been sunk. Think of him as a rich-mans' Kapono who creates offence.

Colangelo was probably looking to make a move with this next year in mind (keeping Bosh). If Hedo keeps Bosh in TO then all else is secondary.

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Reading these comments, i realize you guys really don't know what you're talking about... hedo turkoglu is a much better fit on our team than marion... marion needs someone to feed him the ball when he runs the court and that's how he gets his points, when calderon wasn't hooking him up he could not score and the offense for the raptors suffered. Now, they got turkoglu who in the playoffs handled the ball more than the point guards, and did it very effectively. Last season all the raptors had was calderon who could run the show, and when he was injured they couldn't do anything, now turkoglu takes that burden off his shoulders a little. Now bargnani can become more of a post player grabbing more boards which will help the team greatly. They also got much better on the wings with george and wright. That trade made the raptors a much better team... you guys apparently were happy with 30 something wins?

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as a player, hedo is solid.

as a player, hedo is solid. average defender, good shooter, solid playmaker, experienced... limitations, not a great athlete and getting older 30 already. possibly could have 3 solid years, but the L is so deep in his last 2, 10million a year seasons at that price, will he even still be a starter?? did the raps really address what they needed? i think they really needed scorer/defender/athletic wings. they got a scorer who can handle the ball and create shots which is positive, but i dont want hedo anywhere near the ball at the end of games. we have CB4, hopefully an improved andrea, and when healthy top flight PG. by adding athletic wings they could have address the toughness scoring and defensive liabilities of those other players. is hedo good? ofcoarse, is he what the raps need? hmm? i would rather have seen the raps make a run at marvin williams! could be not have been got for this money? he IMO will have 5 out of 5 better seasons than hedo. hedo got more money than artest, wallace, ariza, odom, miller, charlie v, and i think ben gordon?.. all of these players in the hedo class i'd say, he's only slightly better if better than any of them. Toronto this was a very poor decision. a team of europeans aint keepin chris around, and aint winning a ship anytime soon. demar was a good start, but how bout some creativity, making some moves predraft and getting a dujaun summers, blair or young.. i like jarret jack as well, but agiain 5mil a year?? thats a joke. prolly could have got williams and his former teammate felton if they played the cards right

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i agree with you

i agree with you truthmonroneous with the wanting predraft creativity. when i saw blair drop to the second round, i was really hoping they would go for him. obviously i don't know what happened in the background, so i don't know if any effort was made but i would assume there was at least some effort. i doubt a hard push but some sort of push for a second round pick. i also agree with your criticisms of hedo, but sadly he's still the best SF we've had in a while. marvin williams would've been nice.

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Darko in Green: The Boston

Darko in Green: The Boston Celtics have inked Darko Milicic to a one-year deal believed to be fully guaranteed at the minimum.

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