Can Andrew Wiggens Really Be The Next Scottie Pippen?

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Can Andrew Wiggens Really Be The Next Scottie Pippen?

Can Andrew Wiggens Really Be The Next Scottie Pippen?
Damn, that's alot to ask from a player who really is unproven against high level competition

Scottie Pippen was such a well rounded basketball player, with jordan like athleticism, defensive ferociousness, and dynamic playmaking skills.

Can Andrew Wiggens really develop into that type of player? I think that might be too much to ask for

What do you guys think?

Also I think that Andrew Wiggens basketball talent is too much dependent on athleticism than basketball skills.

For example, even though Micheal Jordan was a great athlete. His great athleticism was only used to compliment is great basketball skills. His game was 90% basketball skills and 10% great athleticism. That's why jordan was still able to play at a very high level even after he lost his great athleticism at the age of 38, 39 & 40. Because his ability to be a great basketball player was always mostly dependent on his ability to utilize great basketball skills and utilize a great understanding of how to play the game of basketball at a very high level ( Micheal Jordan At Age 38 )

That is the reason that I consider Jabari Parker to be a better pro prospect than Andrew Wiggens. Because Jabari's basketball skill level is as of right now alot greater that Andrew Wiggens basketball skill level, in which Wiggens is really just a superior athlete compared to Jabari. But athleticism can only take you so far when competing against the greatest basketball players in the world when playing in the NBA ( example: Gerald Green, James White, kwame Brown, etc ) ( Showing he's alot more athletic that people realize, if he ulitilizes a athleticism enhancing training program, the young man is going to be a problem )

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I'm not sure, maybe more

I'm not sure, maybe more youtube videos would help.

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Who knows?

He could end up being the greatest of all time, or he could end up being the next TMac... either way he's going to be exciting to watch down the road. As far as Jordan is concerned he depended a lot on his athleticism from '85 to about '93. Obviously he learned a lot over that 8 year period, but he didn't start beating teams with his brain until after his baseball sabbatical. That's when you see the older and craftier Jordan that trusted his teammates more and relied less on his athleticism.

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Can Wiggins develop into that

Can Wiggins develop into that type of player? Absolutely, if he's willing to work hard.

For some reason, people seem to think that Scottie Pippen came into the league as that player who was helping Michael Jordan win championships. That's untrue. He had great athleticism and length when he came into the league, but he was very raw. Jordan had to be patient with Pippen... For awhile, Jordan didn't even believe in Pippen.

IF Wiggins works hard and can stay healthy, I see no reason why he can't develop into that type of player. He does rely a lot on his athleticism right now, but I think his skill level is solid. I don't see a Gerald Green, James White, Kwame Brown, etc when I see Wiggins. Those players had awfully low basketball IQ's.

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i honestly think wiggins

i honestly think wiggins could end up being better. Also lets assume he leaves college after 1 year, he will have more time to play in the nba and rack up for acolades which wont hurt his final ranking when he retires

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This could be an amazing

This could be an amazing event boys...what if wiggins aka the next Pippen ends up playing with the artist formerly known as the next Jordan Deshawn Stevenson.

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He'd have to become a better

He'd have to become a better ball-handler and playmaker. He has the defensive tools but it seems like he needs to be motivated to really lock in.

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