Calipari hopes half of the UK players in the NBA have the chance to make the 2016 Olympic Team

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Calipari hopes half of the UK players in the NBA have the chance to make the 2016 Olympic Team

Cal spoke to USA Today's Sam Amick about former Cats and current Team USA members Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins, and how he believes the benefits of being on Team USA outweigh the risks. Cal spoke about how much the national team has helped Derrick Rose and Davis, the latter of which he predicted could be "the best player in the NBA" in five years. Cal said he hope the same will happen for Cousins, who he believed can be a "10 time all-star" thanks in part to the maturity and experience he gains from Team USA

Davis and Cousins make it two cats on the roster, but by 2016, Cal says he hopes John Wall also makes the squad along with "half the guys we have in the league.

By 2016, the following Kentucky players will likely be in the league

- Tayshaun Prince

- Keith Bogans

- Chuck Hayes

- Rajon Rondo

- Jodie Meeks

- John Wall

- Demarcus Cousins

- Eric Bledsoe

- Patrick Patterson

- Enes Kanter

- Brandon Knight

- Anthony Davis

- Marquis Teague

- Michael Kidd Gilchrist

- Terrence Jones

- Darius Miller

- Nerlens Noel

- Archie Goodwin

- James Young

- Julius Randle

- Andrew Harrison

- Aaron Harrison

- Wille Cauley Stine

- Dakari Johnson

- Marcus Lee

- Karl Towns

- Alex Poythress

Personally out of that list I could see Wall, Cousins, Davis, Randle, and Noel having a legitimate shot at making the team. Maybe with Coach Cal as coach? Thoughts?

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The Olympics will bring out

The Olympics will bring out the best so I wouldn't be so quick to appoint too many UK guys except A Davis. Cousins might not even make the loaded Olympic team. It s only two years away so the only top players that would make it today that will probably be overtaken are maybe Wade & Bryant.

Guards- Paul, Rose, Irving ( especially if Coach K remains), Harden, Curry

Forwards/Centers-James, Durant, Anthony, George,Love, A Davis, D Howard

If injuries or some of the top guys don't decide to suit up, I could see US basketball bringing players from this years World Cup team to serve as bottom rotation young guys. Drummond has improved so much every year, he might be an absolute beast in two years at 22 years old. Drummond is probably on the bubble and would need to unseat Dwight Howard or hope Howard doesn't want to play. They wouldn't bring as many traditional bigs with James,Anthony and Durant seeing the floor together at the 3/4 plus Love would be perfect for international play.

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I don't know if he was

I don't know if he was talking about guys he coached, but Cal didn't coach Prince, Bogans, Hayes, Rondo, and Meeks.

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Assuming he has Turkish

Assuming he has Turkish citizenship (being born in Switxerland), it is not unreasonable to think Enes Kanter will be on the Turkish team in 2016.

Having played for the Dominican Republic team this year (in their exhibitions), Karl Towns would also be very likely to be on their Olympic team.

I know Cal was talking about the USA team, but Kentucky will be represented in the Games under several flags.

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If Team USA

paid as much as UK does, it could happen.

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